Makings of a Game Designer #1

Being in my first year at Salford University studying Computer & Videos Games (or CVG as we like to call it). This segment will be about my different tasks I am currently doing, having trouble with, taking on and any little detail that has to do with my life within my path towards my career. Click Here to See My First Log Entry.

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The Start of it All

This marks the start of my hopefully daily blog where I will be posting about the different things that have happened throughout different days in University and in my daily life. I will bring any gaming news I happen to stumble upon and keep you up to date with anything I seem interested in. I will also do game reviews in my spare time and keep a game directory of all the games I have played with pros and cons. This is for now to put a gap into my spare time so when I’m bored I can do something productive, although I can see it becoming something more. For now this is my Gamers Log #0 and this is where it all starts.

Gaming hard on a daily basis.