Lost Ember Reaches Its Kickstarter Goal

Mooneye Studios recently went to Kickstarter to fund it’s indie game vision that is Lost Ember. A game where you “Explore the remains of a fallen empire from a wolf’s perspective! Control every animal you encounter to uncover your destiny”.

On October 11th 2016 Lost Ember went up on Kickstarter with a funding goal of €100,000. Within just two days and as of October 13th 2016 Mooneye Studios can hold their heads high as they can say they have been officially funded, making their dreams, and their game a reality.

Lost Ember sits at the moment of this post at €122,585 funded over just three days, with 31 days of the campaign to go. Mooneye Studios have already started on further development of the  game, and have given stretch goals of what can happen if even more is given to this lovely little indie game.

If you didn’t know about Lost Ember it is a game of deep relationships, friendships and trust. “In Lost Ember you uncover the secrets of a fallen civilization as a wolf that has to find his place in the world. With the ability to control every animal you see, you have everything you need to find your way to Machu Kila – the city that shall answer all the questions that your mysterious companion raises”.

The first stretch goal is the addition of more animations for the various different animals you can play as in Lost Ember, this sits at €150,000, not far from being hit. I had the pleasure of playing and talking to the developers of Lost Ember at Gamescom 2016, they all were very enthusiastic and talked about the game with pride of what they had done until that point.

That the Kickstarter goal has been reached I can firmly be happy that Mooneye Studios will live up to what it states the game will be. At Gamescom 2016 the game already ran like a dream, and was a perfect demo of what is to come, venturing the weird wonderland as different animals figuring out your destiny.

We do not have solid time of release, the developers only saying early 2018, with possible delays. But we will be holding our breath to see how far Lost Ember and Mooneye Studios can go with the support of it’s backers.


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