Prey gives us a familiar trailer but with a female lead

We got the first trailer for the new Prey by developer Arkane Studios known for the Dishonored series, and publisher Bethesda Studios back at E3 in June. Now we get a similar trailer but with a different variant of protagonist, a female lead.

We unfortunately do not see anything new in this trailer other than known we have the option when playing the game to choose a female or male protagonist named Morgan. The last video we got, and one I saw in person, was the Gamescom gameplay, along side a developer interview.

A lot of people are in debate of whether this Prey tarnishes the previous franchise in favor of a reboot and not following on a good series. But there is also a lot of excitement over a new look at an idea that holds so many in contention, and giving it a unique twist on the way we perceive environment interaction.

Prey is set for a 2017 release, no news as of a quarter date being decided, but we will hold our ears to the ground for the next bit of news out of this interesting new IP.


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