Become John Wick in VR

John Wick is one of the most revered action films Keanu Reeves as been in as of late, with a unique world of highly skilled assassins in every corner. Starbreeze Studios, the publishers behind Dead by Daylight, along with a slew of developers have brought that into virtual reality.

It is a VR game were “you play as the legendary assassin John Wick, allowing you to pick up his iconic weapons and head into the world of hired guns – all in virtual reality”. John Wick Chronicles is set for a Febuary 2017 release in time for second films installment, John Wick 2.

Seems to be more like the usual film to game adaption with the latest and greatest technology at it’s helm ready to make Lionsgate all that more profitable. As is the way with film games these days, some exceptions of course.

All we have to go off so far is the Steam page for John Wick Chronicles and all nine of the screenshots there. As for footage, or any kind of demo you will have “a bite sized version of the game John Wick Chronicles: Arcade Edition will premiere in the StarVR© HMD at the first location based IMAX VR Center, to be opened later this year in Los Angeles”.

Is VR really the way to go about PR for John Wick? PR is all good in some sense, this just seems unnecessary for a film on the scale of John Wick, unless they are marketing towards the Chinese film audience, as is the theme to do. And if you do want it then don’t worry because “Additional DLCs (downloadable content) that immerse players into the world of John Wick will be announced soon”.

All we needed was microtransactions in VR games, but we get that in every game these days. Still it looks ok in the screenshots, becoming John Wick, or just any assassin within that world sounds exciting, will it be good? We will see.


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