Battlefield 1 shows us what it’s Singleplayer has got in store for us

Electronic Arts and DICE are hitting fans of the Battlefield series with more hype for the upcoming Battlefield 1 title showing us a brand new video of the singleplayer before it’s release on October 21st. What we see is some high class motion captured actors, as is expected from DICE at this point after Matt LeBlanc in Battlefield 4. See it here.

The trailer we see rings of Saving Private Ryan vibes, and I enjoyed seeing the scenes, the development of the main character, the struggle he goes through and the areas he goes to along with the side characters who look as, if not more interesting.

The story looks like it might be the most in depth we’ve had since Battlefield: Bad Company 2. There has not been a story that has been that interesting in the Battlefield series since then, Battlefield 4 tried, but fell short I felt. And with the interesting setting of World War 1, a retelling of the war at that, we might be in for not only a great multiplayer, but also a great singleplayer.

I know that the singleplayer will be overshadowed by the multiplayer, as is the way of FPSs, but it is good to see that this story may be something people put their time into instead of bypassing it to get to the online shooting. Which is ok to do, but if you do a FPS story you have got to make people want to play it otherwise just be a multiplayer game like Battlefront.

However this trailer backed with the continued proven info dump from a Reddit leak we might know how many missions this story has, this was also backed up by a recent official Battlefield 1 post.

According to the info dump, Battlefield 1 will include a total of 7 episodes with 20 total missions. Each episode will have its own story line and characters to follow, according to the Battlefield Blog. It remains to be seen just how long Battlefied 1’s campaign will last, but for now it seems to be pretty substantial.

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