Injustice 2 EGX Gameplay

Hot off the floor of the UK’s EGX conference we get a first time look at the new features in Injustice 2, along with some new characters making their debut on the Injustice stage with the rest of a mega DC line up.

NetherRealm Studios comes to the EGX  stage with fists flying showing us more goodies from their next installment of the Injustice series, Injustice 2. We got a look at Batman vs Gorilla Grodd, and Superman vs Atrocitus in this gameplay footage. Grodd being a brand new character in the DC line up we expect from an Injustice title, he brings with him raw power of not only brawn, but also mind. As well as Atrocitus, a Red Lantern Corps. member driven by rage and anger, shooting fire from his mouth along with a little help from his feline friend, and fan favourite Dex-Starr.

Not only do we see brand new fighting styles from each of these characters, new and old, but we also see a more crisp environment and detail to attention in scene transition, with the usual over the top cinematic super moves, as is expected from NetherRealm Studios.

They also show us their brand new feature of gaining equipment from every battle you face for that character you fought with, changing how durable they are, and some unique stat upgrades, as well as more. But most importantly it changes how each character looks gaining a unique style that only you will have, you can unlock these by fighting with a specific character, as well as gain different sets and colour variations. This means your character will be yours and unlike another, so when you face off against another Flash you will be completely different to your opponent, making the fight much more interesting.

This might be an issue in competitive scenes however because they acquire an even playing field in order for the fighters skills to be the one that decides the fate of the match, and not how much gear each fighter has gained. But Injustice has not seen a that big of an competitive scene, and NetherRealm Studios have not made a stance as of yet that they want to focus on a competitive scene. We may see a competitive mode bringing a more balanced skilled fight in the future, but for now we get to witness this gameplay video thanks to Gamelite.

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