Nintendo’s Next Console Taking a Mobile Approach?

Eurogamer have confirmed via multiple sources that Nintendo’s upcoming console, code named NX, will be portable and feature detachable controllers. This would mean that Nintendo are looking at on the move gaming to be the forefront of their newest generation of players to interact with it’s games, nothing out of the normal for Nintendo there. What is however is that it is sided by two controllers on either side that can be attached and detached as the user pleases.


So basically a more streamlined WiiU controller, hopefully less bulky but as we can see from Digital Foundry who have looked into the NX’s chip set, it is somewhat strangely similar to Nvidia’s Shield, even sharing Nvidia’s Tegra mobile processor. It’s difference being the NX can apparently use a dock station of sorts to connect the mobile console to your TV, delivering a more standard console experience players are used to.

Another feature the NX is going to have is a blast from it’s console past, also more relevant to it’s handheld 3DS devices, cartridges, the apparent choice for it’s physical media. Another relevance between the two but not confirmed is will it also have a SD card storage? Nintendo have apparently recommends a 32GB cartridge, which is quite small considering the advancement and increasing storage requirements of modern games, but knowing Nintendo there will be a heavy drive for digital downloads of it’s future titles.


This is not so much a surprised as fans had spotted that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s trademark included cartridge-based games. Usually we are used to Nintendo’s wording for home console trademarks which only refer to digital downloads and discs, so fans had an inkling for this rumor a while before these confirmations were made. And of course a new form of hardware it is confirmed to not expect any form of backwards compatibility.

Planning on a September unveiling of the console has been rampped up according to one source, so put a pin on that month. Hopefully after the PR fiasco and poor initial performance of the WiiU launch Nintendo have learned from the experience. Up to this time several third parties have announced their plans for the new Nintendo system, also a spokesperson said “Nintendo has not made any new official announcements regarding NX which is due to launch in March 2017”.

We will wait eagerly until September for an unveil, and also keep our ears to the ground on any more developments on Nintendo’s next dive into a new and unique generation of console.