Phoenix Ascension – Game Demo

I had the pleasure to work with a team of 9 talented people I put together, when we got together I produced and designed along side my peers and created Phoenix Ascension under the studio name Unified Studios.

The premise of the game was a 3rd person action-adventure for the PC, built on Unity set within a medieval-futuristic world called Gaia, using a unique elemental combat system. The protagonist, Captain Williams is stranded on Gaia after his mission to test an experimental wormhole device is caught in a solar flare leaves him in uncharted space on an uncontrollable decent onto an alien planet.  Captain Williams must venture the world, gathering materials to fix his ship, which crash landed into the alien world so he can return to his home. 4 Kingdoms renown to Gaia might come between Captain Williams and his chance to get home, the only way to continue and return is to ‘Rise From the Ashes’ the tag line of the game.

The bellow videos show teaser trailers, and official trailers for Phoenix Ascension, these were made by the team with my hands on the animation, 3D modelling and direction of the videos.

The process of development was 6 months, 3 months of which was spent on pre-production designing the games concepts of each aspect of the world the game is in, the 3D models, animation, art, music direction etc. As Producer I coordinated and signed off on each aspect giving artistic freedom to my team and taking on questions, advice and changes to the game and pitching them to the team and going forward with our collective decision.

Mostly in pre-production I would give the team a task for each discipline and a set time line in which to do so, they would get back to me or I would ask for updates within that time and adjust the whole timeline for the games Alpha and Beta deadlines. We hit each deadline and surpassed some so we could focus on key aspects we wanted our game to focus on, within our group we thought what we were creating is amazing.

You can see our Art Bible, Production, Game Design, Level Design, Technical and Audio Documents we put together in pre-production of the game here – Phoenix Ascension Documents

After pre-production I still retained my Producer roll but also took on the Game Designer roll in production of the game itself, and created assets the game needed and the team needed an extra hand on. This meant I created 3/4 of the models in the game as it turned out, the results of a semi-missing member and time constraints made that more important, I still fulfilled my Producer rolls and but it also made me feel more involved in the creation of the game.

In game screenshot of the protagonist in the Earth Kingdom

The only set backs we had was the cutting of 3 parts of the world along with it’s music, and making the game more realistic to the setting we had created for it. Programming the AI was a big hurdle but the programmers created magic and made it work. The big issue we had was the game completely bugged the night before our final presentation, the presentation we had in mind was going to be within the game itself, I had to create a new presentation within PowerPoint within hours of us showing this to our fellow peers.

It worked out, however without proper practice with the new presentation and it’s flow we went over our presentation time slot and suffered some minor but heart wrenching set back. From there is was finalisation of which nothing went wrong with and the game came out as we hoped, each of us proud of what we made.

Unified Studios team picture with our games poster.

We also created a Facebook page for the game to show off our progress as well as somewhere to post to people in lower years in our course what we are doing and gain extra credit. The link for that is here – Phoenix Ascension Facebook Page

I was proud of the way I handled the process of 6 months, but I knew now it was over how I could of handled a lot of it differently, and make the process of pre to post production smoother and maybe had more time in creating a better product. But the final product was something I could show to my family, friends and others who were interested and say this is what I’ve done, this is where my hard work went, and say alongside my team we did it, we made a game.

You can play the game demo by downloading it from the link bellow. You will need an XBOX controller to play this game demo the way it was meant to be played.

Phoenix Ascension – Game Demo


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