Knights Arena: Mid Galcious #15 – Re-doing the Rule Set

The rule book was fairly simple, I changed the colours to black and white, although I am sure I need to change it to white and black because of the extensive use of black. I will have to see if I can’t find another way to get a nice background although for now I do like the contrast of the two colours. In some areas, especially how you layout the board game and the individual locations of all the cards and tokens it is not presented all that well. I am thinking of some sort of grey scaled battle field with swords and such, but I am not an artist so for now I will keep it as is.

For the rules themselves I went and read back through every rule I had created, re-wrote some of the rules and the sentences that made little sense. For other rules I changed them totally, also got rid of other rules that I had noted down to look at more during play testing. I also added some needed rules, like what to do in certain situations with certain actions the characters can do as skills by rolling dice. The final result I think was a concise rule set that could be looked back on whilst playing the game and decide that this is what the rule is. You can see the rule book below, and please if you have any constructive feedback comment on the post and let me know your opinion.

Knights Arena Rule Book

Edit: Since the re-design of the rule set and looking back at it I have noticed the text layout needs more work and putting away from the boarders of the rule book. That and a nice background, maybe some art work that goes with the theme of the game, I will be looking into this and see what can be done.

I have also since realised that the rule book preset from Game Crafter I used on InDesign for this has too many pages that can be had. Therefore I need to put all the design and info on that rule book onto another preset that can have as many pages as I need, this should be done soon enough.

It also dawns on me that I might like to do more of an explanation about the 2 factions, Black and White Knights, somewhat of a prelude to why these factions fight and what makes them tick. I am not sure if that would be a good or bad idea, and I am unsure if I could do the factions justice with only a synopsis of the factions backgrounds and beliefs. I will think on it more and make a decision to do it or not.

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