Knights Arena: Mid Galcious #13 – Creating the Rule Book

Going back 2 weeks I had designed all the content needed for the production of my board game. When it came to the 26th of November I was happy with how everything looked and changed very little of the designs.

The following week I learnt that it was thanks giving in the USA and unfortunately my board game got pushed forward to when it will be produced and shipped to me.

Bringing the date of shipment the 10th of December, 2 days before the hand in. This shocked me and I tried my hardest to make something work but alas nothing came of it and I will have to not hand in the board game when it comes to hand in date.

This saddens me but I will at least have the rule book, the Game Crafter page and this development log to show that I have created a board game from concept to production.

My board game Knights Arena: Mid Galcious on Game Crafter can be found at the following link

That is where I can sell my board game as well as where people can see I have developed a board game myself.

When it came to the rule book I took my time, going through each little detail of the rules I had in my head and written down on paper.

The rules took a while but they got completed before the hand in date and I am happy with the result. The rule book can be seen my opening the following PDF document Knights Arena: Mid Galcious Rule Book

Knights Arena: Mid Galcious is © 2013-2014 by Black Game Studios.
All rights reserved.

I thank you for viewing my progress through creating this board game, it has been a delight and I have enjoyed designing it from start to finish.

I would do only a couple of things again but none that would have effected the overall outcome of how well the board game came out.

It is definitely something I will be following up on during next year and the years to come, it may even help to get me a job within the industry I have worked hard to get into.

All that awaits me now is the hand in date, to which I will be re looking over the minor details making sure everything is in order.

And as always,

Live Long, Game Hard.

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