Knights Arena: Mid Galcious #12 – Designing the Battle Arena

Because I set myself the deadline of the 26th of November I though I’d design the battle mat that make up the battle arena now so I could send it off on the day or before if it is ready.

They way I concepted the board game itself was that each faction choose their commander then those 2 commanders roll 2 dice to see who can choose their faction first.

That dice roll also indicates which battle mat the factions get, each battle mat being different from the other which could be positive or negative for that faction.

The dice roll would go to a different mat, I originally wanted 6 mats but being short on time I put it down to 4 mats I needed to design.

I also decided to put those 4 different designs onto the same one mat, meaning that there would be 2 mats, one side being one design of mat the other side being another design of mat.

The template I used for creating the battle mats can be seen from the following link

The design of the mat took a while, I had to stop for a bit and think over the design again. Then after a stroke of genius over night I knew how they should be designed and how I should go about it.

The result of which can be seen bellow.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The 4 designs each different to the last worked well and when I put 2 together they looked perfect and just the way I wanted them to look.

I then put the designs into Game Crafter and will spend the next few days until the 26th going over the designs and finalising or changing anything I can then send it off to be produced.

Now that everything it done including the box cover, as that took no amount of time at. It only required fitting the same logo and style onto the box as well as add play time, age and number of players.

It feels good and a sense of relief and enjoyment falls over me when I think back over creating this board game from concept stage to completion and I would gladly do it again.

I also have to do my rule book but as I have decided to do that later so I have time to think through and have time to go through every detail of the board game so it makes sense I will do that then.

For now I will get on with going over the content I have currently, making sure the design and development is the way I want it, then pay for it and get it shipped to me.

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