Knights Arena: Mid Galcious #11 – Designing the Class and Damage Counters

This week I designed the class and damage counters, as well as the battle mats and the box cover I neglected to realise I needed to produce the board game from Game Crafter.

With all the cards done and most of the rules in my head as well as written down on 7 different A4 pieces of paper so I have a reference. It was now only a few things left to do until I can produce my board game and get it sent to me.

I set myself a deadline of November 26th.  That is the date I need to send off for it, otherwise it will not get here on time for the hand in date.

The class and damage counters where simple, I already had a font I used for the numbers and logo I had for each of the classes on both factions.

All I needed to do is put them onto the counter template for the square and circle counters Game Crafter supply, the links for the templates are bellow.

Using those templates it was easy to put in the logos and numbers and tick off another part of the board game that needed completing.

An example of the class counters can be seen bellow.

poker-card poker-card

The first class counter is a white boarder and a black inner square, this is so the logo stand out, and also so the players know that, that class counter is for the Black Knights not the White Knights.

The second class counter is the opposite of the first, with a black boarder and a white inner square, again so the players know which faction that class counter is for.

The class logos also represent which factions they belong to and the counters will be put into stands so they can be easily seen on the battle arena by the opponents and allies.

These class counters will also be double sided showing the same logo on either side so again both factions knows which faction belongs to which when inside the battle arena.

The damage counters on the other hand are simplistic enough so the player knows what they are. An example of the damage counters can be seen bellow.

circle-shard_damage_counter_1 circle-shard_damage_counter_2

The first damage counter is a white circle with a black 1, this one indicates that 1 damage has been dealt to that character.

The opposite side of those counters is the black circle with a white 5, this indicates that 5 damage has been dealt to that character. Once one character as taken 10 damage that character has fallen on the battle arena and is unable to be played.

The only way that a fallen character can be played again is if the character is revived by a fellow ally from a capture point. That character is then revived back at the starting point on the battle arena.

Now what both counters have been designed and completed I can add them to Game Crafter getting ever closer to producing the board game itself.

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