Knights Arena: Mid Galcious #10 – Designing the White Knights Character Cards

Once I had completed the Black Knights character cards I then went onto designing the White Knights character cards.

I used the same template from the Black Knights character cards but changed the texture colour to white instead of black. The same information would be put into those character cards.

An example of this can be seen bellow.


The only trouble I had was naming and designing 10 brand new characters which fitted the Galcious universe I and my friend had created previously.

The White Knights where the ying of the Black Knights yang although the Black Knights acted with honour and traded through their lands. The White Knights worshipped a higher power but both followed the same governing hierarchy as both Kings where brothers.

These characters I did whilst going along what class they would be, they had to be the same class as the Black Knights because of the same governing hierarchy but also because it saved time.

The 10 characters I ended up creating I felt fell into the universe well, although I could always go back and change the way they are after the assignment.

That was because I needed to consult my friend currently designing his own board game and tackling his university work as I was. And with the short time scale I could not do that.

The example of one of the White Knights character cards cane be seen bellow.


As you can see the character card is the same yet changed to suit the white background texture. The text has changed from white to black, as has the dice.

Each skill move also changed to suit that character although ultimately I kept them the same so that the board game fell onto the player being tactical and strategic with no other advantage to either faction.

This made it more interesting of a board game, each character had different stats and skill moves bringing something different to how a player would win or lose a battle.

It was down to how the player strategized  their faction and how well their commander used the playing cards.

I forgot to mention in my previous posts, but I added an effect to the commander. The team chooses their commander and he/she are the only ones who can pick up the playing cards and play the playing cards.

The commander is also the one who could save a fellow ally or sacrifice them for a greater tactic that may pay off. If however the commander falls on the battle arena that faction can no longer pick up or use cards.

This makes the commander a high priority as well as the capture points so the faction whose commander has fallen can be revived and they have access to cards once again.

I have now completed all the cards that are needed for the board game. All that is left to complete are the class counters, damage counters and battle mats.

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