Knights Arena: Mid Galcious #9 – Designing the Black Knights Character Cards

This week I focused on designing  the character cards for the Black Knights and the White Knights. The White Knights too longer as I needed to design all the characters from scratch but I enjoyed doing so.

So after deciding to move away from character mats as it would be too costly and not needed for what I wanted I moved to character cards.

These cards would need the following information: Name of the character, Class of the character, Class logo, Character stats, Skill moves with the dice roll needed and the skill move descriptions.

I then went about designing a character card template I could use for each of the 10 characters for the Black Knights. I did the Black Knights first because I already had an entire backstory and lore around them and their universe was one I and my friend created together.

This made this process all that more enjoyable, and the design of the character cards came out looking just as I hoped they would. An example of the basic character card template can be seen bellow.


I slit the card into 3 parts. The top boarder is for the name of the character, the middle boarder is for the characters class, the class logo and the characters stats. The bottom boarder is for the characters skill moves.

I then deigned the stat bars where the characters stat numbers will go, then each of the 10 character class logos and finally put in each characters skill moves, descriptions and needed dice and roll number to activate that skill move, each character having 3 skill moves.

An example of one of the characters from the Black Knights can be seen bellow.


As you can see the information is readable and the design of the card suits the theme of the board game I have been going for since the start.

The Black Knights where created by me and my friend, we have used these characters previously in table top D&D sessions with a high degree of effect.

I also have a great interest in the world we have created around the Black Knights and the universe of Galcious of which they reside.

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