Knights Arena: Mid Galcious #8 – Designing the Skill Deck

The skill deck was where I had some trouble. The template was the same of that as the attack and defence decks, the colour I decided was going to be green.

The problem arose when I was designing the logo for the skill deck, what best describes skill ? How do you depict it as an image ? Would the player know what it is at first glance ?

Those are the questions I was asking whilst I was designing the skill cards, it took a lot of researching and trial and error but I got a few designs that I thought would look good.

I also asked other people what their opinion of the 9 different logos I had designed best suited a card that was for skill. I described that skill meant talent in using a sort of magic but also other traits of the characters stats.

Examples of the different logos I came up with can be seen bellow.

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Most people went for the cog and the increasing levels, and I to was leaning more toward that design when creating each of them. The final template of the skill deck can be seen bellow.


Now that a logo was decided I could create the 16 cards needed. Thats when I realised that more cards would be needed within the skill deck, I ended up adding 2 extra cards, the deck still  equalled  16 skill cards and 5 event cards but it had 2 extra that the other 2 decks did not.

This was so I could get the best effect out of the skill deck, adding more abilities to them that would aid the characters in their skill as well as within the Knights Arena.

An example of a skill card can be seen bellow.


This skill card ‘Enhanced Reflexes’ dodges an opponents attack completely. What that means is in the rules when an opponent attacks the player has a chance to roll a dice and dodge that attack if their roll is higher of that of the opponent.

This card rules out the need to roll a dice and can quickly used by the player to do so. In the top right of the card the quick play symbol can be seen, a symbol that means that card can be played outside of the designated play card steps.

I will be going over the rules more once I have completed the rest of the cards, the battle mats that make up the battle arena, the class counters, the damage counters and most importantly the character cards.

But the effect this skill card has shows how I wanted them differ from the defence and attack decks. They aid the character only and help them within the arena when they most need to.

I have now designed all of the playing decks I wanted to create and have added them to Game Crafter ready to be produced once the rest is also complete.

Next I will be focusing on designing and creating the character cards which might prove tricky.

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