Knights Arena: Mid Galcious #7 – Designing the Defence Deck

The defence deck took about the same time as the attack deck did, the template was the same one from the attack deck but this time the colour changed to blue signifying defence.

The logo was the shield used in the Knights Arena logo, because of my restriction on art I had decided I would be using what I knew I could and that was vector art.

The shield worked well with defence and the blue colour theme to the cards. The defence cards would work similar to that of the attack cards as well but with the opposite effects.

An example of the template used for the defence deck can be seen bellow.


The defence deck will defend a character and that factions allies, having the opposite effect on attack cards by stopping the incoming damage.

These cards would be a last ditch effort to save a near death character or a reinforcement on a character defence keeping allies alive for the longest amount of time whilst also aiding them in other ways.

An example of an defence card can be seen bellow.


As you can see ‘Knights Honour’ gives all allies +1 defence until the end of that round. The opposite effect of the attack card ‘Battle Cry’ which gave allies a +1 to attack.

Ying and yang is a force I very much focused on when dealing with the Black and White knights. It is also portrayed within the cards both factions use within the board game.

The whole of the defence deck is also complete with 16 defence cards and 5 event cards. When I have completed the skill deck I will adding all the cards to Game Crafter and complete those decks for production.

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