Knights Arena: Mid Galcious #5 – Designing the Attack Deck

I spent this week designing the front of the Attack, Defence, Skill and Event decks/cards, they went just as well as I envisioned them. I also added the backs of the cards to the Game Crafter files and card decks ready for production of the board game.

The attack deck where simple enough, I wanted to convey they deal damage to the opponent so made them a red using the same old paper texture I had previously used on the backs of the cards.

I wanted each of the cards to also have a unique logo that referenced what they where being used for and so the players knew what they where picking up.

The attack deck would create extra damage or range the player needs to get an extra edge over the opposing faction. They also aid allies giving them extra damage or decreasing the opponents defence.

The attack deck is very much focused on damage and aid the player in that way. The attack deck front template I will be using, and have already added information to can be seen bellow.

poker-cardThe attack card template came out pretty well as things went along, it was one of the easiest to do a template for, the other being the defence card template.

The sword and red colour depicts blood, the blood that will be shed within the Knights Arena. The cards name will go within the top boarder and the cards information and description will go within the bottom boarder.

To show how the 11 different attack cards I have designed will look when produced there is an example of  one bellow.


This particular attack card that is shown above is called ‘Battle Cry’ it adds a +1 attack to all allies until the end of the round. This example is one of 11, some cards are more common than others and therefore the player will be picking up more.

Other cards such as the one above are more rare to draw, within the deck of 21 there are 16 attack cards and 5 event cards. This is also what the defence deck is like, the skill deck has some more cards but the same card ratio of 16:5.


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