Knights Arena: Mid Galcious #6 – Designing the Event Cards

Soon after I designed the whole attack deck I designed the 5 event cards which went within the attack deck. The ratio of cards being 16:5 it meant 5 event cards per deck where included.

5 event cards are placed within each of the 3 different decks each having an effect on those particular deck of cards but the same effects on both factions.

These event cards are the only cards to have the play now symbol on the top right of the card. This meant when that card is picked up by the player the card must be played right then stating the description that is on the event card.

The effect of an event card could be either positive for the player making their control of the arena much more dominant, negative for the player dealing a heavy blow to their faction. Or it can have a neutral effect for both factions dealing damage to both sides characters or aiding both sides.

I used the same template as the attack card template but changed the colour to a grey colour and the logo to a shatter, depicting an occurrence within the world has shattered the fabric of reality and opened a gate to another universe or world.

The template of the event cards is shown bellow.


The event cards are different to that of any other of the cards so it has a visual effect on the player when they draw them from the 3 different decks. They need to pick up these cards but at the same time fear what could come next and how it will effect the tide of the battle.

An example of an event card effect is shown bellow.


‘Galcious Vortex’ is a play now card, the players must play that card as soon as the draw it. The effect has both players rolling 2 dice, the lowest number gets the last character that attack drawn into a vortex making them unable to be revived for the rest of the game.

This effect is a chance for one faction to pull ahead and the other to fall behind. Loosing one character is a huge effect on the factions power, but loosing the ability to revive that character is a massive set back as now one faction is down one character.

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