Knights Arena: Mid Galcious #4 – Designing the Card Backs

Through the week I have had more time to look into designing the playing cards and the character mats. I have decided to change the character mats into character cards as they lessen the price of the board game and the cards I have found are tall enough to get a good amount of information onto them.

With that in mind I then went and designed both the playing cards and character cards with the template from Game Crafter, the card I am using for them both is called Business Deck, the template can be seen here

I have downloaded the photoshop template version and firstly designed the back of the playing cards, which I also inadvertently designed the games logo and the games title.

The title of my board game being Knights Arena: Mid Galcious. Knights Arena is the place where different squads from different universes come together to battle each other and become the Knights Arena Champions.

Mid Galcious is apart of the universe of Galcious with 2 factions from the middle of that world being featured in this particular edition of board game.

Doing it this way also inadvertently opened up different editions I could feature in different future board games if this first one became successful.

The result of designing the back of the cards turned out like the image bellow.


I found a title font from called CapitalisTypOasis which I used for the title of Knights Arena: Mid Galcious. I then used a sword I had previously designed for a personal project and designed a shield which went along with the same design as the sword.

The background of the card was found on DeviantArt can created by user Lisa Robinson or akaleez88 as she is known on her DevianArt page. She allowed the used of the old paper texture and I will credited her within my rule book along with a link to her page.

I used my own personal company logo I had also previously used for the same personal project, it was designed by me and I have put the company Black Game Studios on the Game Crafter website ready to produce the board game itself.

After creating the back of the playing cards I was so impressed that I went and created both the character card backs as well, both of which can be seen bellow.

poker-card poker-card

The 2 factions within the Gaclious universe of which I am using for the board game are called the Black Knights and the White Knights. They share the same continent and their rulers are brothers which means the structure of both factions are similar with differences between how they govern their people.

The back of the cards use the same texture as the back of the playing cards but I changed the colour to the relevant faction, both turned out great and I’m impressed that their design.

The logos are also ones I designed previously for the same personal project, using these logos and the other designs I had previously designed for the Galcious universe felt good, as they are being used for something I am truly enjoying.

I will now spend time designing the individual playing cards, the Attack, Defence, Skill and Event cards which the player will pick up during play.

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