Knights Arena: Mid Galcious #3 – An Idea is Born

After spending a week thinking over about 2-3 different ideas for a board game I decided to create one around a current fantasy universe I and one of my close friends created during the summer and currently still do add to the universe as a side hobby.

My friend agreed that I could use the universe we both worked on and when I told him about the Game Crafter website decided himself he was also going to create his very own board game.

The idea I had was put together by mind mapping different ideas and then finalising it through the process of elimination of what I wanted to have in the board game and what would not work.

The idea is basically around a tactical, strategy board game with 2 to 6+ players being able to play. The way I imagine the game is something like that of an advanced game of chess with RPG and card game elements included.

I took inspiration from the current board games, Chess, table top role playing game D&D and Summoner Wars a tactical card game played on mats.

The full board game idea is as follows:

  • Fantasy-Strategy Board Game
  • 2 – 6+ players
  • Ages 12+
  • 30 – 60 minute game time
  • Objectives of the Board Game: Capture the opponents 3 different capture points and Kill the opponents Commander.
  • 2 Factions
  • 10 – 20 characters, each a different class
  • Character Pieces and Character Mats
  • Ability for characters to fall and be revived
  • Each of the capture points being a revive point, if one is lost it then is harder to revive a fallen ally
  • Rectangular Mats, each mat is one half of the whole board game and 2 of the mats create the battle arena.
  • 4 – 6 different terrains on each rectangular mat, that effect both factions in either negative, positive or neutral ways
  • 4 sets of Ability/Event Cards those include: Attack Cards, Defence Cards, Skill Cards and Event Cards.
  • 3 types of Card, those include: Playing Cards, Quick Play Cards and Play Now Cards.
  • 6 – 8 dice

The previous idea I had that I got rid of when finalising the idea was 7 different factions with 7 different squads. This was not realistic and would over complicate the board game itself when it came to explaining the rules in the rule book.

That would also mean that there would be 70 different characters I would need to design which would be a high task and make the price of the board game go to the hundreds instead of the $30.00 originally thought.

I also thought of another objective which was capturing the opponents flag inside of their castle and taking it back to your factions castle. This was then filtered out of the ideas as I thought more about how I wanted the game to feel to the player and myself.

The other objectives stayed in as it added tactical objectives for the factions to think about and always take into account when playing the game.

With this in mind I could now use the templates from Game Crafter and start to design my own board game, I think I will start at creating the backs of the playing cards and the character mats.

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