Knights Arena: Mid Galcious #2 – Research is Key

I decided to spend time doing research in how I will go about creating and developing a board game also if a board game was the right way to go about getting a game design job within the gaming industry.

I found an interesting web page which talked about how a board game is a great way of showing potential game designers because it shows their work ethic, their unique mark and how well they can develop an interesting product.

The link of that web page is bellow and I would recommend any future game designers wanting to get into the industry reading through the article by a big figure in the industry itself.

Upon reading the article I got a further drive in developing and creating my own board game on something I personally enjoyed and would think others would as well.

With this drive I went onto the internet and researched how to design and develop your own board game. I found websites like which showed me a general process in making a board game from scratch which gave me a broad idea off how I will go about making my own.

Another website I found was which told me what reviewers of board games look for when assessing them and how they go about rating them from others within the same category.

I noted down some of the things the reviewers look for in a board game as a note to myself when I come to designing my own board game.

The last bit of research I did was finding a place in the UK or in the world where I could design and produce my board game for not that much money.

I found the website Game Crafter, a website dedicated to producing indie developed board games made by amateurs to pros alike. It was a perfect place to produce my own board game.

It had many different types of cards, boards, mats, game pieces, booklets and much more I could use to create my board game from start to finish.

I looked into some of the prices of the individual parts and estimated that it would cost around $30.00 to produce the board game itself. Of course it was a company based in the USA and everything was paid in US dollars and had to be shipped to me.

I also found out my a friendly e-mail that they do indeed ship to the UK through the use of UPS services. This made my concept idea into a surprising reality, I could realistically make my very own board game.

Game Crafter also supplied different templates for the different parts of a board game or card game, or any type of table top game you could imagine. All I had to do now was design around those templates and decide on which idea I have in my mind I will be using.

The link for Game Crafter is as follows

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