Knights Arena: Mid Galcious #1- Start of Something Great

On Thursday, 10th of October I started thinking up ideas of what to create for my creative portfolio development module. Upon asking my tutor what I could do within game design, the area I want to focus into developing my skills and work within that role in the games industry itself.

My tutor suggested that I develop from concept to completion a card game, board game or small scale indie game. When I heard board game my mind sparked with ideas of how I could create a board game unique to my way of designing.

But first I went through my options of those 3 choices by mind mapping how each give me different choices and which I could realistically complete to a high standard and I will enjoy designing.

A small scale indie game was a good idea if I had any prior experience or competence in programming my own game. This would have most likely got me high marks but it was not realistic to my current skills.

The problems with a small scale indie game it takes a long time to get from concept to development then completion for even a advanced programmer capable of doing so. With my current skill of programming being minimal at best I decided to move away from designing an indie game.

A card game is more realistic to my own abilities I have currently, it also is a real possibility to create my own card game within the short time I have to develop it within.

The problems with developing a card game is the balancing issues of not making any one card more powerful or under powered than an other, which would require more time than I currently have.

That said a card game interests me very much and I will keep it in mind when coming up with ideas for any designs.

A board game was the one I focused on from the start, although I always had the idea of a card game in the back of my mind. I then thought why not add cards into the board game and integrate them within the design itself.

This was a break through, I could realistically develop and design a board game from concept to completion and design it in a way I would enjoy the process.

I will go forward with the board game idea and continue to think up design ideas around a board game. A few off the top of my head would be a board game which has the potential of having 6+ players or pits a friend verses a friend.

For now I am extremely excited in making my own portfolio and potentially creating my very own board game.

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