Update #7

I took some time away with a holiday then when I came back started focusing on my 3rd year University project.

This project being the main priority that will get me and the team I put together the best marks, and hopefully into the games industry

I am back now 3 weeks into University dealing with my portfolio module, I have decided on designing my own board game and go through the steps of creating that board game through this blog.

I hope it will be a nice change to the countless reviews, showcases and interesting points of views of games and the industry I have done on this blog so far.

I will be going through the development of the board game, my research I have found whilst in development and all the details of how the progression is going and how I think its coming along.

As well as the ups and downs when developing a game design project within a short time scale. I hope you enjoy seeing the progression I make in designing my very own board game.

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