E3 2013 – June 9th to 11th

E3 2013 is only a nights sleep away for those around the world, for us here in the UK we get a nice lie in until the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo starts. I’m getting all excited for what will be revealed, what and how E3 2013 will unfold through the course of the day. This is G-Day people, Gamers Day, where all gamers and industry pros to juniors eagerly await the start of what will be next in the games industry.

What to expect from E3 2013 is how the future of the games industry will continue, will it be destroyed, on the verge of crumbling, or onto a better path to a bright future. In my opinion I’m saying that the industry will take a huge hit that might take it to what it was like back in the last video game industry crash in 1983.

This will be good for the industry to realise yet again not to put quantity over quality, and to stay true to its gamers fundamentally. But it will also mean the crash will loose a lot of jobs and crash the system in need of being rebuild into a new structure that will work.

On the other hand I may be wrong altogether and a new factor will come in and change the game as we know it. I hope that will happen, but I doubt it will happen tomorrow but maybe in the future when the games industry is on the verge of a crash and it comes in to revolutionise it.

That maybe just a young gamers dream though, but in all seriousness what to expect from E3 2013 is… well you will just have to tune in to find out. I can go on about what could be there, what is not going to be there, but I decided to leave it this year, there is too much riding on this E3 to even try to expect what may happen, well besides Sony unavailing the PlayStation4 that is.

I will be tweeting rigorously throughout the E3 2013 press conference, so follow my –Twitter– to view the action as it unveils, and my own thoughts on what is being shown. Also what I will be interested by and infuriated by, both in equal measures I assure you that. The UK times for the E3 2013 press conferences are as follows:

Microsoft – Monday 5:30pm

EA – Monday 9:00pm

Ubisoft – Monday 11:00pm

Sony – Tuesday 2:00am

Nintendo Direct – Tuesday 3:00pm

Pokemon X&Y Panel – Wednesday 2:00am

A day for gamers, showing off new and interesting games, plus an uncertain future, this is going to be one heck of an E3.

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