Update #6

Well it has been exactly, to the day,  126 days, or 4 months 6 days, or 18 weeks, anyway its been a long time I’m sure you know from my last post about the game Cyberpunk. I’ve had a lot on my plate since January, some down time in the middle of my university work, but mostly working my butt off. A few weeks ago I had officially finished my second year at university feeling quite good about what I had achieved.  

Anyway, I took a few weeks off to recharge my batteries, royally screw up my sleeping pattern, which is why this post is incoming at 5am UK GMT+0 time, chilled and played some games, but I’m officially back. I’m sure I need to get back in the swing of things in writing my articles and such, and I’m going to do some reviews of upcoming games I’m getting, Remember Me, Planetary Annihilation alpha (although I’m probably not going to release any footage of that one unless I’m allowed to) and more.

I’ll be doing an article on E3 2013 about my thoughts, and  my opinions on the sate of the gaming industry as it stands now and its future in the upcoming days until E3 2013. I will definitely be doing  a PlayStation4 and  XBOX One  article in the next few days as well, letting you know what I think on those before E3 2013 as well.

I hope all my followers and viewers enjoyed my posts in the past and look forward to many more in the future. Until I start back at university that is, being in my now third year I need to make sure my teams game we will be creating is on the right tracks, and that acquires my full attention, but look out for the odd post.


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