What we know about Cyberpunk2077

Cyberpunk2077 made its début announcement back in the summer of 2012 at CD Projeckt Red group summer conference which I sadly did not witness first hand. The announcement of a Cyberpunk game generated a lot of interested parties to start taking notice. The Cyberpunk series created by Mike Pondsmith in 1988 is a pen & paper RPG, the old classic RPG’s many of you may know or not. Cyberpunk itself still generates players to the pen & paper RPG, with having over 5 million players to date.

With Cyberpunk’s pen & paper RPG having 4000 plus pages alone describing the game world in 44 handbooks and still being updated today, I can see why interested parties took notice of a game with its name. With the developers, CD Projeckt Red creating and developing the Cyberpunk game, who are behind creating the RPG series Witcher, who are seasoned developers when it comes to creating RPG genre games, for those of you who didn’t know. I think its safe to say the games development and design scope will be focused on what gamers want.cyberpunk_1

CD Projeckt Red made a series of promises for Cyberpunk2077 during the announcement, those where:

1. Mature RPG for mature audiences, realistic and brutal, set in a rich, futuristic world.

2. Gripping non-linear story filled with life and detail.

3. Advanced RPG mechanics based on the pen & paper RPG systems.

4. Varied selection of different character classes.

5. Gigantic arsenal of weapons, upgrades, implants and cool high-tech toys.

6. Set new standard in the futuristic RPG genre with an exceptional gaming experience.

Those are some quite risky and high standards they set, but with the learning curve of game developers being high, along with a seasoned team behind the project, its all up for grabs. The video of the announcement can be found bellow.

CD Projeckt held another conference in autumn of 2012 introducing the Cyberpunk title officially, Cyberpunk2077, and introduced an update on the game itself, which gave more of the design scope away, of how the game will look. The design of Cyberpunk2077 is an ambitious one, they revealed it will be within a sandbox environment, which by my standards is a truly wonderful thing to hear as an RPG gamer myself. The best kind of RPG is one that has a sandbox environment, such games as Elder Scroll: Skyrim, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Fallout3 sand out in that respect.cyberpunk_2

The conference also touched up on the way a player will view the game, how the story will be told to the player, the progression from the pen & paper RPG game Cyberpunk2020 to the game Cyberpunk2077, and the all too realistic advances humanity will make in that time. The conference really built up the view you want this game to be, an outstanding RPG genre game with total freedom and completely unique story lines from person to person, along with non stop action and drama throughout. You can find the conference video bellow.

The problem that I saw, as well as many others, is the transition between a pen & paper RPG, to a video game RPG; the rules are different, the mechanics are different, everything on some level is fundamentally different. Trying to make sure as much as possible of the Cyberpunk pen & paper RPG will stay the way gamers know it, will be a already high priority task for the designers at CD Projeckt Red, they even address this and other issues in a blog post you can find here –Cyberpunk2077 Blog-.cyberpunk_3

Much of the game as I have deduced after watching the videos and reading the blog posts and formus, which can be found here –Cyberpunk2077 Forums-. That is, Cyberpunk2077 is going to be getting the player into a game where they will experience nothing like any other RPG’s out today. They talked about using the diverse universe of the pen & paper Cyberpunk2020 and stepping it up 50 years in the future, the advancements and happenings between that times will be within Cyberpunk2077, but it will be along with the ability for the player to change that universe how they see it.

It is like a RPG venture I have only ever dreamed off, it is one that is currently in development, it has the potential and more to be the game that blows the gaming industry and the RPG genre past the expansion of the universe itself. Everything sounds so good, so clever and its being created with gamers in mind and the understanding that they need to make it right, or fail to make it wrong. The story itself had hooked my interest, heck just reading the first sentence of the description had me interested.cyberpunk_4

The dedication into this game and the involvement of the create of the Cyberpunk pen & paper RPG series as well as the pen & paper RPG as a whole is directly tied in developing the game, making sure it hits the right marks. Character customisation being strongly tied with the plot, that is a brilliant unique mechanic not used as I know in an RPG and will that having links to the non-linear story with the different character classes, it really outclasses everything with those concepts.

More recently in January we got a glimpse of the progress and feel Cyberpunk2077 is setting to make a standard by revealing its first trailer. And my god its was astoundingly, unequivocally brilliant, it blew me away in just under 3 minutes, and instantly trended worldwide. It was safe to say that Cyberpunk2077 had made a meteor hit with its reveal trailer and set the pace of what is, I can only assume, the start of a damn amazing development to create an ambitious story driven RPG. You can find the trailer bellow.

What strikes me about Cyberpunk2077 is the setting, the mood the game gives a potential player, like myself, the aspect of what is to come, what I can expect, and doing so through only images and a song, that is a statement. A freelance graphic designer I found the website for shows how much contribution goes into just making the trailer of this set-to-be triple A RPG game, you can see it here –Cyberpunk2077 Trailer Production-. The images, the song, the animation all worked so well to put across a truly awesome first trailer for Cyberpunk2077.  cyberpunk_29

Cyberpunk2077 is to be set in Night City, a place well known in the Cyberpunk pen & paper RPG universe,  where players will be thrown into to start their struggle through the dark future of 2077, with danger and opportunity all around them. The has had constant feedback from its fans, and gamers, as to what they hope will be in the game, what they think will be interesting to see in the game, and of course constantly keeping to its roots; and CD Projekt Red is taking notes and seriously considering anything that stands out.

The gameplay as of yet has been described as it will pump adrenaline through players’ veins and consistently connect with the Cyberpunk style, experienced through the players own unique characters, chosen classes, equipped with a vast selection of implants and weapons. All to tell a unique story and to help the player survive the streets of Night City and the characters that inhabit the free-to-roam world that will be Cyberpunk2077.cyberpunk_30

Mike Pondsmith paints us a vivid picture of Night City, giving yet again an all to realistic vision of what to expect from the development and design of Cyberpunk2077. It definitely got me thinking, imagining; my own unique world around a bad ass character with a vengeful spirit and cocky attitude towards all but a close group he has recited from the depths of  Night City, who go around citing their own rule to help those to are trying to gain from the needy. The video can be found bellow, be sure to comment your own vision of your own unique world.

With the amount I have covered in this article, I have to say, I did not think I would go through it as much as I have done. I hope that you enjoyed reading the article, I hope to hear back any and all responses be them deemed relevant. All I will finish on is; this is the most I have been excited and interested in knowing about a game, the most I want to be apart of it, and it has made me stride more toward being a game designer myself, to design something so ambitious, so creative, so outstanding that will stand apart, that it is indeed something that needs to be witnessed.


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