Stealer a cyberpunk infused platformer

Stealer or the accustomed screen tag given by the developer in numerical numbering “5734L3R” is a platformer focusing on atmosphere and exploration. The first read through of Stealer made me intrigued very much so, a game which is developed by one person who’s alias is ‘Winged Doom’ and who’s actual name seems to allude me. The working and overall aspect of Stealer interests me to the extent of I had to share this game to a wider audience, people who I have shown this game have had the same reaction of they wanted to know more.shadows-anim-6

Stealer over it’s development has been changed in its deign scope from a 100% clone of a game called Flashback, a retro game from back in the day of the 90’s, to a cyberpunk-infused platformer with a focus on atmosphere and exploration. Stealer will feature puzzles and stealthy action that was originally modeled after Flashback, but the gameplay of Stealer has now evolved into something more reminiscent of Limbo. This design scope change has made it indeed a much more interesting concept; and coupled with its retro pixel art style its couldn’t be more brilliant.connection-room

I personally stumbled upon this retro indie game by chance whilst strolling through research for a current game project, it struck me as soon as I laid eyes on the trailer which came out a week after I found the game hiding on a website. The trailer itself blew me away, what got me was that the developer himself did not even know what the scope of the design of the concept he has put into the trailer would evolve into, which left it more to the viewers imagination of what could be.

scr-2The music of Stealer in its trailer gives the perfect mood for any retro gamer who enjoys seeing and hearing 8-bit music and pixel art in a seemingly dedicated developer creating a truly wonderful concept that will be enjoyed and most probably loved by those who have come to like the nostalgia of games past brought to the present. I for one got griped into the concept even when I didn’t know anything about the gameplay; or how the developer would change the design scope, I was interested in what it could become. The trailer can be seen bellow.

If you are interested in Stealer, then I suggest you check out the developers blog here –– be sure to donate some money to this developers venture and wish him luck in continuing in creating such a intriguing concept that will steal your heart, but leave you wanting to know more. You can also find developments on Stealer’s website here –


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