Overstrike reworked to Fuse?

‘Overstrike’ a recent IP announced in 2011 from the people behind the Ratchet&Clank series, Insomniac Games partners with publisher EA.

At E3 2011 EA was happy to announce its partners program, which puts EA development companies in a position to make their own decisions.

Insomniac Games where one of the 14 companies to become apart of the EA partner program.

This lead to new IP’s being developed by those companies and freedom of creativity.

That lead to Insomniac Games announcement at E3 2011 during EA’s press conference in their new IP named Overstrike.

Ted Price, President and CEO of Insomniac Games, got a good response to their newly announce IP at E3 2011.

The trailer for Overstrike showed a true Insomniac Games styled game, along with a sense of humour.

It really interested me when I saw it over the streams last year at E3 2011; I remember writing a post for a previous blog I wrote for.

You can see the game trailer bellow.

The trailer got me excited at Insomniac Games new IP to be perfectly, well to be blunt, damn fun.

Overstrike posed to have a speculated third-person view, although nothing was officially said on the gameplay itself.

What was known, is that Overstrike is a 4 player co-op action game.

The plot of the game is as follows:

The game is set in the near future and follows a team of four misfit agents collectively known as Overstrike 9, who infiltrate enemy strongholds using fringe-tech gadgets and lethal teamwork.

The members of Overstrike 9 are Dalton Brooks, a reformed and sarcastic mercenary, equipped with an energy shield, Naya Deveraux, a mischievous, lifelong thief, equipped with a cloak device, Isabelle Sinclair, a gifted, but rebellious young scientist, equipped with a mass bubble gun, and Jacob Kimble, a decorated detective with a bit of a temper, equipped with an electric crossbow.

The plot follows these agents as they attempt to stop a shadowy organization, which threatens to wipe out humankind.

Due to each agent’s unique talents and a tendency to completely ignore protocol, Overstrike 9 is the only option left.

The plot gives good promise for this game and I like the prospect for the style this game gives off.

A game that has a good story, gameplay and is enjoyable through out, along with the option of help from the co-op option is a good aspect all games need to have.

When I saw Overstrike at E3 2011 I could not wait for more.

That said it would not be until August and PAX Prime 2012 when we got more news on Insomniac Games new IP.

During Ted Price’s keynote speech he announced another IP from Insomniac Games, named ‘Fuse’.

It was latter found and said by the man himself, Fuse was the reworked IP of Insomniac Games other IP, Overstrike.

What a ‘reworking’ of the title Overstirke means is your own interpenetration of it.

I think that Fuse is essentially Overstrike, just reinvented to fit around the perimeters they essentially wanted from the IP.

This came only after remembering what some of people said, that they are doing everything to make Overstrike a game that stands out and are developing it to that effect.

So maybe this new IP Fuse is that stand out feature, so it is tailored more to their needs.

Or maybe it is a APR (Alternate Reality Game) or web-based IP, like some people on Insomniac Games forums are speculating.

Either way the website for Fuse, which you can get here –FuseGame.com– is counting down to an event.

Something that Ted Price referred to during being interview by Joystiq.com about Overstrike and Fuse.

Also a recent teaser trailer was released today that brought more light onto the situation.

You can see the teaser trailer bellow.

As you can see and hear, a team of 4 operatives, known as Overstrike 9 is being activated for a mission.

That should spark curiosity instantly.

Overstrike 9 is the same team, and look somewhat similar in their profile icons near to the end of the video, as they do out of the Overstrike trailer released at E3 2011.

To me list is now either confirmed that Fuse is Overstrike just reworked, revamped and tailor made for Insomniac Games purposes.

Or it is a damn good promotional stunt for Overstrike and Fused is a promotional name, or mission name.

Above is the most recent concept art or screenshot from Fuse, take your own opinion on what it suggests.

For now nothing is too sure until we see more in 5 days.

I think that Overstrike should stay that IP, as it is a much better concept or a game title than Fuse.

Either way I will bring you news on this as soon as I set my eyes on it.

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