Making a comeback with Total War: Rome II


The Total War franchise has been going now for 25 strong years since their first tactical strategy game, Total War: Shogun. Since the beginning Shogun was the best among the games Creative Assembly created under their publisher, SEGA. That was until Rome: Total War released and set the standard for the best RTS or Real Time Strategy created in the series.

Now after 8 years that Rome: Total War has been released, ‘Total War: Rome II‘ was announced by Creative Assembly.

Creative Assembly just had huge success with their other sequel, Total War: Shogun 2, along with its follow on game, Fall of the Samurai. Total War: Rome II is the one the Total War community have been asking for ever since the announcement of Shogun 2. Creative Assembly and SEGA obviously agreeing that this is the time, quickly announced the game with a live action trailer. The live action trailer can be seen bellow.

This game is essentially for the community Creative Assembly has, and a clearly bit one at that. I gladly categorise myself to be apart of the community, racking up easily 250+ hours on Total War: Rome and Total War: Shogun 2 combined.

They have stated in videos, forums and interviews that Total War: Rome II will be, bigger, better, more strategic and more story oriented. Having 25 years to develop, re-create and imagine more innovative ways to combine together to concept a fantastic new game for Total War: Rome II. They state this in a recent interview mostly clearly, which you can see bellow.

They have since then shed more light, although not much, on the game in development. It was announced that Total War: Rome II will see a 2013 release. I speculate that it will be either in Q3 or Q4 if their previous releases are anything to go by.

The lead developer for Creative Assembly, James Russell shares this more information with the community. And what he says really makes me happy to what they are doing to uphold doing their best to keep Rome in its place as the best Total War game in the franchise. You can see James Russell developer interview bellow.

More recently Gamescom 2012 brought more screenshots from Creative Assembly and Total War: Rome II. These screenshots are the most interesting, as they show decisive battles, cities under siege, the beauty of the new graphics, scale of the cities and armies. Every screenshot shows more of what I want to see from what will be in the game.

Everything about Rome was the fun, massive battles and total domination of your enemies. In this sequel it looks like we can do just that, in many different and various ways. A video to show the making of the live action trailer can be seen bellow.

I am and probably will forever be a RTS player and spend questionable long amounts of time making just one strategic move. I am greatly anticipating Total War: Rome II and playing the presumably, more importantly seamlessly exciting new game being developed.

Place your troops carefully, keep thinking of different tactics and always be willing to expect the unexpected.

Live Long, Game Hard.

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