Lend your imagination to Reset


RESET‘ (or Reset as it is easier to write), is an single player co-operative puzzle game created by Theory Interactive, a 2 man independent development team. Those 2 men are: Alpo Oksaharju; Writer, Artist and Designer. And Mikko Kallinen; Programmer, Composer and Designer. Both have made a completely fantastic and uniquely creative idea for a game concept, which born Reset into existence.

Reset was announced by Theory Interactive in April 2012 via a seamless, stunning and emotional HD debut trailer. Reset follows a strong emphasis on story and atmosphere,  the unique game mechanic in Reset is the ability to travel back in time to solve puzzles co-operatively, with yourself. With the ability to play a strong story with good atmosphere, as well solve puzzles with another version of the character in the future and past.

It blows my mind to how interesting that concept is to read. Theory Interactive really showed that, again an independent development team can come out with surprising results. The music, the graphics, everything down to the detail of the composition of the video shows how unique this game is. Thinking this is a CGI trailer  is a mistake, it is all real in-game footage and pre-alpha at that.

Theory Interactive really made their first scenes of their game memorable to the audience. Game like this really do show up every now and again. And I espire to be creating one of those games in the future. And in the future games like these will be sparse in my opinion, so I make sure to remember most of the games that fall into the unbelievably unique.

Everything about Reset sparks my interest and curiosity, to what we will see when its near release comes around sometime in 2013. If Reset has you intrigued enough, here is the Debut HD Trailer for Reset. Be sure to hit that 1080p button, you won’t be disappointed.

Here is also the soundtrack to Reset, which I absolutely find brilliant.


Live Long, Game Hard.


One thought on “Lend your imagination to Reset”

  1. looks awesome ~ keeping low-end tabs on Reset. Sounds like one of those hidden golden games that’ll be underrated and/or really interesting but not necessarily high popularity compared~


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