Destiny the next big thing for Bungie?


Second post in the rumour segment of the week. And this week I has lucky enough to find another rumour floating around webspace. ‘Destiny’ Bungie Inc’s new assumed named IP that is to re-set them from the 10 years they had with the Halo franchise. Bungie in 2011 parted ways with Microsoft and the triple A title of Halo, to re-imagine themselves once again. Activision and Bungie then held talks soon after the split from publisher Microsoft, about Bungie’s future.

A contract was made and Bungie Inc. was now in association with publisher’s Activision. Since then rumours blasted around the massive fan community Bungie held as to their next game they would create. Bungie teased that it was going to be creating an MMO sci-fi action shooter, tipped heavily by an ‘anonymous source’.

But not just one game, a total of maybe four titles, which was included in the newly released Bungie-Activision contract. Nothing has been confirmed officially, although I have found mass upon mass of information, blogs and speculation about the Destiny title. What can be confirmed is that Bungie Inc. have been wearing the insignia of their new presumed title, with its logo featuring in many areas.

Also within the 20 year anniversary video that Bungie released the insignia can be seen at the end. It stands to reason why so many people are jumping to this speculation. Whatever Bungie are developing over at their studios, it can be confirmed to probably be something to look and be excited for. I look forward to official news, I will apply the resources I have for every piece of the Destiny rumour, in case your interested more.

Here are those resources:

Destiny Trademark –

Bungie Inc.-Activision Contract –

Bungiepedia Destiny Page –

Destinypedia Page –

Kotaku Original Source – Source –

Destiny Blog –

Detailed Forum Post of Destiny –

All of those links add up to the rumours around Bungie’s next game.

Make your own decisions as I have mine through those resources.

Whatever they have in store, keeping hidden in secret, is sure to create a next generation stir. But one thing is for sure, Bungie Inc. is a critically acclaimed studio trying to come back into the fray after Halo, and will do so most brilliantly.

Live Long, Game Hard.

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