Diving into Halo 4


Halo 4

Halo’s franchise really sky rocketed with Bungie Inc. having a huge success with their game coupled with the first XBOX on the market. Now we have seen 3 in the Halo-Bungie trilogy area, when Bungie said goodbye to the title with their last in the series, Halo 3.

After Bungie completed their contract with Microsoft developing spin off and origin title, Halo: Reach, the most recent Halo game, they left. Microsoft presumably thought the Halo series had not been given its time in the lime-light of critically acclaimed triple A titles.

343 Industries then entered the scene to pick up the Halo franchise where Bungie had left a massive imprint. It was now down to 343 Industries to carry on the legitimate sequel, not just with one, but a whole new Halo trilogy, branching from Halo 4 to 6, known as the Reclaimer Trilogy.

Fans, companies, the community, industries themselves probably thought that 343 Industries had big boots to fill. But 343 Industries did not let anything phase them and carried on development of Halo 4. The fruits of their labor being presented in the official announcement of Halo 4 at E3 2011, with a spectacular teaser trailer, which can be seen bellow.

After the audience at E3 2011 knew what the trailer was and it announced the beginning of the wait for the next instalment, Halo 4. As soon as eyes saw, hears heard and minds sparked, speculation of Halo 4 and just what it would entail started.

A few months after E3 2011 and no answers from 343 Industries as to any indication of what Halo 4 entails a concept art glimpse was given, you can find that bellow.

This added to the mass amounts of speculation going around the gaming community and the Halo community, figuring out what everything meant. 343 Industries really had shown that, in some aspects they deserved the right to develop such a game as the Halo series. A torch now passed, and Halo 4 set to inspire a whole new generation of gamers and game developments again.

E3 2011 settled and the rumors around Halo 4 where bouncing around the mass data base of the internet.

2011 left us and 2012 came into view, a year that promised to be the best in gaming history. March 2012 got that a little closer with 343 Industries releasing a first look trailer at Halo 4’s multi-player.

The Halo franchise being most known for creating the console boom of online gaming, as we know it now, still at the forefront, advancing the forward line of creating new online experiences. The campaign still having the most effect of course, the multi-player of Halo still is as important and if it is not right for the players could break the game itself.

The first looks at Halo 4’s multi-player can be seen bellow.

We only had to wait a month before more news of Halo 4 became ‘public’ knowledge and announced to the world. This time about the most important and undermined part of Halo 4, its beautiful composition by Abby Road Studios was released.

The soundtracks of Halo are the artistic marvel of the wonder the Halo franchise holds, its composition’s winning endless awards. Both the videos that show the composition of Halo 4 can be seen bellow.

Then the time came for a gamers paradise, E3 2012. Were rumours, surprises and new concepts are shown to everybody. Halo 4 again brought up the front lines as Microsoft’s leading game to be shown at their E3 2012 press conference.

It began with a stunning cinematic trailer showing the story Halo 4 incorporates, then splashed into a full blown gameplay demo. What was shown was what every fan and watcher of the series needed, clarity. The new enemy, besides the Covenant, was revealed for the first time, the Prometheans, a Forerunner typed species who bring about a whole new aspect to Halo.

They also bring along new weapons and equipment not seen before, adding to the unique style of the new Halo 4. Everything seen on the trailer brings about a new opinion I have of the Halo series. The spin-off series, mostly Halo: Reach, of the franchise have been, mediocre. Generating little interest and longevity in the actual game when released.

It is good to see a new company expanding the horizons of the Halo franchise and thinking beyond the standard ‘Halo’ game we got used to. Halo 4 is set to again revolutionize new aspects of the industry in different ways, will it be a success, only time will tell. The trailer and gameplay demo from E3 2012 can be seen bellow.

The first day proved the start of a Halo 4 features galore as the next day shone light on what we saw at Microsoft’s press conference. Added as well with an IGN interview with the Creative Director of Halo 4 on the gameplay demo, shedding even more light on what is shown. More information came down as another video from 343 Industries at E3 2012 about the UNSC flagship Infinity, with a first look at Spartan Ops and other multi-player variants.

We wouldn’t have to wait long for another video to tell us and show off some of what Spartan Ops consisted of, as well as multi-player modes, like War Games. With the montage of everything Halo 4 down on the second day all that was left for the third was off-screen looks at 343 Industries continuously surprising sequel, Halo 4.

The IGN interview, as well as the UNSC Infinity and Spartan Ops videos can be seen bellow.

The third day at E3 2012 arrived the off-screen play of the multi-player aspects of Halo 4. It showed off the best of what has been already made by 343 Industries, as well as controversy over many of the differences made.

In my opinion up to this point, with my contacts giving me legitimate sources on everything Halo 4, I had good reasoning’s on what I thought. Halo 4 had my thoughts mixed since 343 Industries took over the mantle, things like: Could they do a good job? What if they got it wrong? Where will the Halo franchise go from here?

All those questions, and more popped in my head and 343 Industries quickly ran them away with what they had produced.

The campaign I had no doubt about they would get right on the money, were it goes from there is a extraordinary mystery. The scenes from the gameplay demo at E3 2012 showed me that and brought excitement to what was next.

Master Chief and Cortana, old relics now, brought back with vengeance to entertain gamers once again. The multi-player aspects I have seen are some works of pure tactical genius along with free flowing action. Everything has been coordinated with small details in mind, down to the balance Halo has always been known for.

The armour abilities and passive abilities this time around show promise, some weapons need adjustments, but all can be fixed. The main factor being that all the new aspects have formed a flowing action packed multi-player mode that, I think inspires the way Halo is supposed to. The multi-player preview trailer and off-screen multi-player videos can be seen bellow them, all five.

Spartan Ops gameplay was also coupled with the off-screen multi-player gameplay. With a new feature that lets players co-operatively take on day-to-day episodes, that form chapters each week, which creates Spartan Ops.

This Spartan Ops is set to be as long as the other Halo franchise spin off, Halo: ODST, creating unbelievably longevity to Halo 4. This in my eyes creates a new way to tell another story of a game but keep it iterative and the gamer involved and interested in the game. The Spartan Ops gameplay is shown bellow.

Coming to the final parts of this Halo 4 article where the minor details of Halo 4 comes into light. The weapons, new, old, re-balanced in ways, they can be used effectively along with the new styles of play 343 Industries have added to the playlist.

The sounds, from explosions to gun shots. Everything now is being combed with a fine touch, making sure it is ready for launch. Halo’s forge mode makes a reappearance, as better as ever, with added features of simplicity and design. Adding to the community effect and longevity of Halo 4 even more, with the ability to create player maps again.

Everything is set for Halo 4 and everyone who is anyone is looking on toward it, in wonder and anticipation. A video is shown bellow of the UNSC weapons you will be getting your hands on. Along with the magic behind Halo 4, a behind the scenes filming at 343 Industries of what it takes to fit the boots of the Halo franchise.

All that is shown in this article is down to my own findings of nearly 2 hours of researching the resources needed to compile enough information to bring to you, the viewers. This is my longest and probably most well done article, but nothing is perfect; so any irregularities you find, please tell me.

If you want any other specific information on Halo 4, then also please ask. I have been a fan of the marvel that is the Halo franchise, always looked at it from a point of view not tainted by fan-boyism. Halo 4 in many aspects can and may fall down in many areas unknown as of yet.

But what has been shown off, played, reviewed, said and developed up to this point until launch on November 6th 2012, has been above and beyond what I thought it could be.

343 Industries have shown the world they have what it takes, and will show the fruits of their extremely hard work when Halo 4 is released. In that mean time their website holds information that you will want, so here it is bellow:

Halo 4 Official Site – http://halo.xbox.com/halo4/en-GB/

I can’t wait to see what more Halo can offer for the gaming community and how the franchise will grow.

For now I look toward the stars, wonder and think.

Live Long, Game Hard.

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2 thoughts on “Diving into Halo 4”

  1. I reckon you should do a before-after review of the Campaign, Spartan ops and War games (multiplayer) in video-form integrated into an article. You could then combine your thoughts across multiple media while containing the necessary information into concise subsections… and tap into the youtube crowd for extra readers. Win-win :D


    1. Sounds like a very interesting prospect that you propose. Indeed making a before-after review of Halo 4’s Campaign, Spartan Ops and War Games in a video format will lessen the length of the article. But to as well use it in an article or a review format it can be used very effectively. As well as you said combining my thoughts across multiple media. I shall look into and take you up on the suggestion.


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