Among the Sleep scary horror from the eyes of a child


It is Friday and the last day in the weekly segments I have just recently set into motion. I hope you have enjoyed the activity on DailyLifeOfAGamer and continue to follow and view the posts. Today’s segment brings you a game of interest, a game that may have fell through the cracks of the big triple A titles and other news.

‘Among the Sleep’ falls definitely into that category, I found the games gameplay trailer among the mists of other games at the time in May 2012. Being very, very interested and curious to the fact the game made a huge impact on me as well has be extremely unique I bookmarked it for future reference. Something of a little habit I fall into which prevails for me whenever I need those game references again for DailyLifeOfAGamer posts.

Among the Sleep is developed by an indie studio called Krillbite Studio’s based in Hamar, Norway. The game is a dark and surreal adventure horror following the eyes of a 2 year old child through a nightmare trying to survive the horrors around him. Making the main protagonist and the controlled character a 2 year old boy is a stroke of sheer genius.

Putting the player into that mindset of when they where young and innocent, when the world was too big to comprehend, is for me just an unbelievable concept. When I talk about unique and interesting games, this is exactly what I mean; something different not seen or done before that has the aspect to become something more.

Games like Dear Esther and Journey are among the few of many that fall into that category. And now Among the Sleep slots into that as well, in my eyes.

To get the full effect of this masterpiece in the making, as it is not set to come out until sometime in 2013 and still in development. There is the gameplay trailer bellow so you can get a grasp on why this game is to be watched for in the future, along with Krillbite Studio’s blog and website.

Among the Sleep website –

Krillbite Studio’s blog –

Krillbite Studio’s website –

Enjoy, take in and see the marvel that is Among the Sleep, Friday’s game of interest.

Live Long, Game Hard.

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