New Star Wars IP – Star Wars 1313

Back in the June hype of E3 2012 this year Lucas Arts had definitely got something to show off, and show it off they did. Rumours of Lucas Arts developing another Star Wars game where president since a few years after their last venture title, ‘Star Wars: Unleashed 2’.

Most people ready for the 3rd in the Star Wars: Unleashed series Lucas Arts had other ideas in the way of an unique story, and unbelievably stunning new generation PC gaming graphics. This was sold to all Star Wars gaming fans and hardcore fans all the same. Star Wars 1313 was given the spot light, this time without a lightsaber.

E3 2012 was probably the most successful in the way of development companies, their games where shown in better light with more focus on the unique and unparalleled to the big triple A titles. Star Wars 1313 being at the top margin of those triple A titles but still a very different and interesting concept on the extremely noticed Star Wars title.

The E3 2012 trailer showed much of the next generation lighting, physics, particle effects, environment changes, object and character interactions and much more in the major details to this now unprecedented and unrivalled graphically capable game.

Lucas Arts really had been doing something special back at their development studios. Here is the trailer along with an extended version for your enjoyment.

Moving forward after the successful events at E3 2012 Lucas Arts again went back to creating Star Wars 1313 developing accordingly on the feed back from the people at E3 2012. Bring around August 2012 and Lucas Arts decided to an interview about their newly shown game title and shed some light on the development and thoughts behind the game itself.

The interview showed the gamer and the viewer just how much hard work goes into a big title development and how much effort and passion goes into each detail, and what comes out as a result because they have enjoyed making and creating every bit of the game. The interview can be seen bellow.

Fast-forward to  Gamescom 2012 Lucas Arts had been developing something new, a trailer for Star Wars 1313. It showed more of the story line and the depth of innovation that has gone into the creation of the game.

I for one do not call myself a true hardcore Star Wars fan but I do enjoy the story and feel of the title and am fully interested in each of the games. The railer can be seen bellow.

Star Wars 1313 is set to start a revolution in the way games are being brought together by animation and true gameplay intertwined so that it creates a seamless flow to the player.

This makes me think of what only can come in the next few years for gaming, especially now with this kind of break through with technology and game creation. It makes me want to create games in the future much more and excites me to no end.

You can find some information on the Star Wars 1313 website page also on many sites around the internet and YouTube, I do hope you still come here for that though. You can find concept art bellow this as well and I hope the concept of new and interesting ideas in the innovation of gaming in the future has you as excited as it does me.

Live Long, Game Hard.

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