Update #5

Apologies for not posting anything on Monday and Tuesday I had other things I needed to do that needed my attention. I plan to look at the week and delegate each day to something that could be of interest to you my viewers. Click Here to

More recently I have been thinking of what each day could consist of, mainly what I would like to cover through the week until when I take the weekend off. So I will put a day-to-day schedule of each segment each day will consist of.

Monday’s segment will be the show off spot of the week, where I deem something I find interesting, be that anything I find on the internet or in every day life.

Tuesday’s segment will consist of game articles; a spot light game, or even better a viewer chosen game that I will write an article on of my own opinions and give you the up to date news on the game chosen.

Wednesday’s segment will consist of rumours around the games industry, game rumours or industry rumours, obviously this might not be every week.

Thursday’s segment will be the game review part of the week, where I take any game that I have played or you the viewers have told be to review and review them.

Friday’s segment will consist of game to look out for in the future, a game that not many will have probably seen but will probably want to know about.

This is the weeks line up, if there are anything that you the viewers want me to cover, then please comment or send me an e-mail in the Contact page. I will start this weekly schedule next Monday, until then I might put up a few posts that I think are interesting.

And as always be sure to.

Live Long, Game Hard.

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