Crysis 3 update

After the accidental announcement of  Crysis 3 that CryTek and EA had made known on Origin, the typical game designer way of doing what they like to do which is something like this: ‘We accidentally leaked this title, so here is a pre-mediated teaser trailer’. In my previous blog about Crysis 3 and the previous Crysis titles in the series that no game can hold a light over to its stunning graphics and marvellous technical new generation accomplishments.

The first trailer came out teasing the next instalment of the Crysis series only 7 days after the announcement. The  trailer gave the sense of the hunter style that Crysis 3 has adopted to bring even higher gameplay tactical awareness and story telling elements. The graphics as always bringing a new sense of how gaming is changing and moving every year and the new technical achievements that can be achieved when developers do it right. The teaser trailer is bellow for your consideration.

Continuing the announcement of Crysis 3, EA and CryTek released the official trailer, showing yet more of the stunning beauty, fast passed action and tactical stealth that will be brought upon the release of the game.  This bringing me to a thought that the game has been made in quick succession to Crysis 2 which took many years for CryTek to release due to its near to perfect mind set of it needs to be unique and stunning. The official trailer is bellow.

I have been a huge fan of CryTek for many years since I played the first game and saw the wonder of its company owned game engine CryEninge. Although I would have like it if they again waited, how long I do not know but long enough to make players remember the brilliance of the last two games, then wonder what the next instalment of the series, if any will include. That I think will be either a good deal or a short coming to CryTek and its Crysis series.

Wait only for the next month to roll around CryTek and EA yet again released what most of the gaming world had been waiting for, a gameplay trailer of just what they having been working on in such quick succession to the previous game. It not only lived up to the Crysis series it told a story that CryTek had been waiting until now to unleash the full power of its game studios and its CryEngine to create the best game they actually could.

That being said I still hold a little place within my mind to the ‘What if it is too early?’ many companies have done quick succession to the previous, Call of Duty being the best example. Some gamers and especially me, a minority only maybe, tire of seeing games be released this way, only because of profit margins or because the public want it and are pushed into coming to the call.

This can only be the bad example of the gaming industry and the massive giants of the likes of EA that hold the companies accountable in producing games quickly to meet expectations instead of letting the game developer decide and do everything to their best. This hinders the creativity of the game developers and creates a stale environment in which only the same game is re-hashed again. Even now we are seeing re-makes of previous games because of that exact reason.

I sincerely hope that EA has not done this and let CryTek be their own developers who are doing all that they can to create a new imagined game like they have done so many times before for such brilliant and legendary games. The gameplay trailer bellow itself shows a shadow of what I think, given time CryTek could have done and I hope they do in the future.

The final and most recent game video was fresh off the E32012 slab and brought many of what I have already stated back into my mind. The ‘What if’s’ and ‘Why’s’ of being a watcher of the live stream of the EA press conference and the demo of Crysis 3’s gameplay and new hunter style. The player who controlled the NanoSuit character known as Prophet  in game could have been controlled by a 4 year old, that being harsh I know but when you watch it you wonder a lot about everything in the game.

That said it could just be my own nonsensical ideals, but also could be because of the new out look on the games industry that I have seen more and more since being at University. If my ramblings are anything to be said for the games industry then it makes a sad sense to the recent years of games released and the lack of new innovative, unique and brilliantly told games that can only once in a while be seen by those companies who have dedicated themselves to it.

The gameplay trailer can be seen bellow and please I offer you to make any comments on what I have said in this post and give your own views, making good and relevant points to why, therefore to understand your point of view like I hope you do mine.

Crysis 3 will be released in February 2013 and I hope the developers have been working hard since the last update and being that new age of brilliance with it as CryTek always seem to do almost comfortably and effortlessly. I look forward to seeing updates fore Crysis 3 and will be sure to bring them here so you have somewhere you can see it with ease. For now I hope I have given you something to think about.

Live Long, Game Hard.

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