Knowing the definition of Far Cry 3


Taking you back to last year around the same time as now actually as E3 2012 draws closer. It is June 7th – 9th, E3 2011. Everything has been going well, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, the three top companies are showing off and talking about everything to next gen gaming to exclusive game content.

Then the interesting part comes into play, usually after the main conference of the top companies or during but mostly on the second day of E3. Development companies come out and show off their hard work with trailers, screenshots, gameplay and more.

In E3 2011 Ubisoft got a spot on Microsoft’s Press Conference to show off their next game exclusive of course to the XBOX360. The next 5 minutes or more was an awe-inspiring trailer with gameplay, for the game that has had me hooked since March of 2004.

I mean none other than. Far Cry 3, the stunning brilliant sandbox adventure shooter has took a turn, and it has involved a heavy story plot to boot. The gameplay demo at the E3 2011 conference got me on the edge of my seat and I have been following it ever since. So I have decided to bring you all things Far Cry 3 within this article. It will include screenshots, trailers and gameplay; plus my own opinions.

The E3 2011 gameplay demo showed off Ubisoft Montreal’s development with the game so far and it was only in its alpha and the use of CryTek’s CryEngine3 gives it that added edge of stunning visuals and flawless gameplay mechanics.

That and the new added features within the gameplay such as, tactically addressing the situation before advancing, throwing knives, in gameplay options and events. Everything shown gave the game something more than the previous instalments but nothing can compare to that of the new story plot Far Cry 3 presents to the player. See the trailer bellow for yourself.

Stepping through a couple of months and a new year; we come to 2012, February 14th, 2012 to be exact and with the sudden announcement of Far Cry 3 Ubisoft Montreal they went silent until the new year when a trailer for the new upcoming Far Cry 3 was released across the world.

The trailer itself is brilliant, it shows off just how much CryTek’s CryEngine3 has advanced since the last couple of years. The character animation is also simply so realistic to the eye, not so much that it crosses the uncanny valley, that ever so to real boarder, but just enough that you will be thinking, “oh wow, this looks amazing”.

The story of Far Cry 3 is set on an tropical uncharted island somewhere in-between the intersection of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Everything seems fine until the outside adventurers set foot onto this island full of its insane crazy population.

You play as Jason Brody, the protagonist of the plots story, looking for his girlfriend and a way off the island now his ship he came on has been destroyed by the insane inhabitance lead by Vaas.

The plot is set to be extraordinary and with the graphics of CryEngine3 flowing the gameplay and visuals, this is not going to be a let down for new players to the game or hardcore followers of the series as myself. Here is the cinematic trailer to give you an added boost in anticipation.

Stepping forward again to about a month after that cinematic trailer of some real game footage; March 21st, 2012 if you want the grimy details. Ubisoft Montreal released another trailer, this time a gameplay trailer to follow that of the one they showed at E3 2012.

This trailer gave more of a visual stimulus for the viewer and somewhat of more insight to just how much the plot of Far Cry 3’s story goes in depth with the character protagonist, Jason Brody.

This time we find ourselves high, not high up, high on drugs that a crazy old; what you can presume self-certified chemist injected into your system and you go off on an adventure looking for something to help you get off the god forsaken island of terror.

This trailer gave a new way to see the gameplay of Far Cry 3 and the lengths that you can go with the right developers at your side, with the right maniacs and story writers who can write a brilliant twisted story on an insane tropical island.

Everything said something can seem a little too good if nothing is going wrong, at least in my opinion, although I hope it doesn’t for the sake of the success of this game. Saying that though here is the second gameplay trailer.

Again after the gameplay trailer was released to the world everything went quite on the Far Cry 3 front so that the developers and publishers could let what they had already shown settle in and gain in the customer wanting more.

On May 19th, 2012 we got just that, not anything though, not the gameplay trailers we where used to, something more tantalising.

Two trailers where released, the first was that of a ransom video for Jason Brody’s girlfriend. The second was much more what every fan wants to see, a fully fledged new gameplay trailer showing new attributes of the game and the new features along with new plot lines the game can follow.

Now for me the new gameplay trailer and the most recent of them all gave me the best insight to the games final development process. It showed me how much thought the developers over at Ubisoft Montreal have gave each and every part of Far Cry 3 a unique feel that differs form the two previous titles.

That in itself makes me want to thank the heavens that they did not spoil a great game series and took a risk, in a way, of making a better game with new features involved so it does not dry up the series.

And talking of new features, Far Cry 3 will also include its ever loved multiplayer mode, in which Far Cry 2 proved so successful. The mechanics of the multiplayer has been refined and tailored more to the Far Cry FPS style.

It also adds the technical environmental beauty of CryEngine3 do its thing. Most of all and most importantly, it seems to me a whole different way to approach a FPS multiplayer mode and I will look forward to more of that.

Oh and those two trailers your wondering about right now, who would I be if I did not give you them. Here they are bellow.

Coming to the final stages in this first lengthy article on Far Cry 3, and by no means my last as many more will continue if I so see to do them. Ubisoft Montreal released the date of Far Cry 3 back in Febuary if my memory serves me well, but don’t quote me on that bit of information.

Recently the limited edition of Far Cry 3, hosted by your ever loving insane crazy leader of the island inhabitance, Vaas. The video is quite humorous, in a sadistic psychotic kind of way, but it works, and works extemely well. Here is that video bellow with some screenshots at the end of the article as well.

If by anything I thank you for reading this article about Far Cry 3 and hope you enjoyed it. I for one am enjoying blogging and will continue further in the future with support I hope of my fellow followers out there.

This game is indeed a contender for 2012, and we are set to see more at E3 2o12 in less than a week. Far Cry 3 is set for release on September 6th, 2012. It is a stunning game, and the beauty of its simple nature and concept is something I admire as a future game developer, and hope this kind of work continues. And with that I say. Live Long, Game Hard.

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