Just what is inside Anna’s house?

Some time ago I came across a very interesting post upon the mass database of the internet. It was a very quaint post that interested me not just because of its simple unique style but its genre of a survival horror, thats of which run along the same lines of Amnesia: The Dark Decent.

This indie game is simple titled, Anna and developed by Dreampainters. It got my interest straight away when I read about it; then I realised it had, not one but two trailers. From then I was hooked into the simplistic art style and story that turns from the norm to a sadistic hidden countryside sawmill located in Italy. Everything about this game screams to a gamer like me, who really enjoys different games that differ from the un-ordinary AAA game titles. So this indie game was a gem to find amongst the others.

Now the story behind the ever so daedric twist on a calm environment is vague and the developers are, it seems, keeping quite about it as well; although they have not got as much publicity, so that is understandable. From the screenshots and both trailers I can try to have as a guess to the story, but otherwise your own ideas could be as far to the truth as mine.

The trailers themselves offer most of the clues about the plot and gameplay style this unique epic could be about. As far as I can guess this game follows a player, no name, no identity, just you, the player and the game world in which everything seems fine until you find a secluded hidden sawmill bored up; and as any curious human you decide to investigate. This is where it gets interesting in my opinion.

The gameplay with focus solely around the players actions, no visual hint or reference to go by just you and your own actions. The game will then watch, learn and gather information about your actions and then it will react to them. It surrounds itself with supernatural occurrences, which if you beleve or do not, Anna will know and have you on the edge of your chair through every moment throughout its simple but extremely effective gameplay style it gives.

Every reaction to a noise, sudden turning, jumping to something happening in game will be used against you. So if you are easily scared or not, someone watching will know and play it against you. This is what I think turns this game around and makes it become something incredible.

Its interface is something simlar to that of a adventure game, inventory items are discovered and used, locations are explored and puzzles are solved. But with that twist of someone always there; that little nagging in the back of your mind … that … that is the game. And that is simply why this game will be brilliant.

As of yet there is no release date, but expect it to be soon enough and via Digital Download for the PC. But to wet your apatite for game information I am happy to give you many screenshots and the two trailers for this game simply called Anna. And you better not forget that someone is watching, waiting and learning… Live Long, Game Hard.

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