Makings of a Game Designer #3

With the last 3 weeks since the 23rd of April, 2012 to the 10th of May, 2012 been completely for getting my work done and finished for the deadlines of my 3 different assignments; which are: Design Theory Fundamentals, Programming and Digital Graphics. I will go through each and show you the completed versions of all my work, one-by-one. Click Here to See More.

First on my list is: Design Theory Fundamentals.

Everything was accoring to my plan of getting things handed in the week of the 23rd to the 28th of APril, 2012. But only my team within Design Theory Fundamentals thought that this was not a realistic plan. Completely because I had gotten all the work done over the Easter Break while they had sat on their arses doing nothing. Even though I fitted in my work for University and my personal life so that I got it all done. This made me as team leader and 2 other of the members; 1 more than the other; very annoyed that our hard work to get it handed in by the 28th of April, 2012 had been for nothing.

This assignment had been a lengthy one with most of the work being completed near the first 3 weeks of when the assignment was handed out. Since then I had been trying to get my team to continue to work as productive to finish the team work and our individual work within the assignment criteria.

All my efforts doing so felt like hitting against brick all with a broken hammer, it was not working as effectively as a drill or wrecking ball. This lasted all the way through out until the final hand in date, with myself getting to my wits end and annoyed that all but 1 or 2 members in my team had any kin of self standard to their work ethic. In the end I was happy when it was handed in, but still thought that so many things would have been different, and with a lot of what if’s ? within my mind.

I hope that I could lead my team well, but I still think I could have lead them better to succeed further to get the higher marks. Overall many things could have gone wrong and I thing the final product was … satisfactory, but not at the best it could have been when I thought of it first within my mind. The only way to show you the completed product is to show you the DVD cover; everything else is too lengthy in words. In retrospect, all of the work done amounted to about 24,000-25,000 words.

This is the DVD cover for the final game concept idea my team came up with.
Second on my list is: Programming.

This took the most time out of my Easter Break and really all of my thinking power to comprehend the complexities of just what I was getting myself into with this assignment. I have posted my previous Programming screenshots, which you can see within the Archives. I will also be posting screenshots of my Programming code and the final product of my Individual C# & XNA Coding Project. Which was probably my biggest triumph through all of my coding tasks.

The fifth task out of my six tasks to complete, was to create a Quest Adventure Game. This was a weird kind of task, at first I decided to research what type of Quest Adventure Game I could create within C#. Then I realised that I had to complete a Quest Adventure Game using ACSII Characters. That made my programming task easier, but harder as I needed to know how to code in ACSII Characters.

Although it took a while to get the hang of what I was doing with the Quest Adventure Game everything fell kind of into place, by an accident with messing around with errors and other various complexities. The final result; through making sure what I was doing was right first; was simple but very hard to code with my limited knowledge. The Quest Adenture Game took form and it looked like what I had seen of other ACSII Character games.

This shows my Quest Adventure Game code and the result/s it produces.
Click the Image to view it in full resolution.

The sixth and final task was my Individual C# & XNA Coding Project. Simply the most complex and head rattling of all of the task put together. It took me the best part of 4-5 days to complete the coding for the final running game, each line of code and individual process of the game had to be implemented correctly which took all my knowledge and time to get right. Many problems where encountered  while going through each process and some did not even make any sense until I went back through my own code input.

This was stressful and kept me up many long nights, even working all through the night to get some of it finished. When at last I realised what was wrong and messed around with the different aspects so that they working in unison with everything creating a fully workable game. My efforts had finally been paid and I was impressed with the final result of all the hard pain staking work I had put into programming this Individual C# & XNA Coding Project. And I’m very proud of the outcome that presented itself finally.

This shows my Individual C# & XNA Coding Project code and the result/s it produces.
Click the Image to view it in full resolution.

Third and final on my list is: Digital Graphics.

This was the easiest out of all 3 of my assignments, it did not stress me out, it calmed me as the work load was minuscule compared to the other 2 assignments.  The process of completing my Digital Graphics project was only lengthy in one part, but the overall completion was done in no time at all, mainly because I knew what I was doing before the word go. My project consisted of a company logo I had previously animated in College, a 3Ds MAX 2012 animation run through of a dense forest and a title introduction to the actual game.

The company logo was completed within 2 days of going through different various aspects which could make it better than it was previously, also to fit within the theme of the game it was presenting. The 3Ds MAX 2012 animation of a run through of a dense forest was the most lengthy process of the entire animation sequence, it took a whole day to render and 2 days to put together; but the final outcome was to some degree what I wanted to include. And finally the title introduction was completed within a day which took no time at all with my good knowledge of Photoshop and advanced hands on experience with Sony Vegas Pro 10.

The final animation was very much what I wanted to produce, I wanted to do something extra to prove that I could develop and design something that could potentially be for an actual game introduction sequence for a triple A game. Also the process of design concept to completing the assignment was very enjoyable and I had fun with every aspect of the video. Although the 3Ds MAX 2012 animated dense forest run through was darker than I wanted, the overall video itself was good.

And that brings my First Year, Second Semester at Salford University, studying Computer & Video Games to a close. Everything I have learnt will only make me as a future Game Designer better and advance my skills. Here’s to my Second Year, and all the challenges that I will encounter to continue my skills and learn more about the area I want to enjoy in my future job.

My moto will always stay the same though. Live Long, Game Hard.

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