Update #2

It has been a week or so since my last blog post. This mainly being because my University deadlines are fastly approaching, but with be giving myself a deadline of last Friday I have done all of my University assignments before the deadlines and feel quite proud if myself for keeping onto of them.

Within that week I have heard, seen and documented some interesting things over the internet and various other media variables. Not that I have finished my first year at University it is time to relax and enjoy the summer until I have to do it all again and be under more stress for my second year.

Overall though I have fully enjoyed my first year at University and learned many new things especially how to keep organised and focused through very stressful times. Many challenges have kept me on my toes and made me a better person in the long run, although I still needed the motivation to make the long 2 hour journey into University. With the first year gone I can reflect on what I need to improve on to make myself better and this blog as I hoped will be a big part of that.

Me and a group of friends have also come together again and decided to create another game idea and this time make sure we follow it through much better than our last idea. Up to now our roles in the team have been completed and the general ideas have been thrown around with some coming together and others left for later.

This idea will also improve my skills within what I want to improve on and develop to make myself a better designer within the games scene. Putting all our knowledge together creating, hopefully a realistic game that could possibly be created if we ventured further into the process of designing it fully.

Now that I’m off for the Summer all my plans are coming together to make it a very enjoyable Summer 2012. And I will be making many more posts to DailyLifeOfAGamer. So keep an eye open.

And as I say. Live Long, Game Hard. LLGH.

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