Bar the windows it’s a Zerg Rush

It was on Friday that I went into University to give my Digital Graphics presentation, although the presentations produced by my fellow students and class mates themselves where very good indeed and after I have given my own I decided to turn on my laptop and browse the internet.
After playing a few inter class battle StarCraft II matches which went down quite well. I went onto Reddit and then onto the sub Reddit r/starcraft; where a post about Google doing an Easter Egg for their involvement in Day[9]’s After Hours Gaming League presented itself. Being a huge fan of Day[9], After Hours Gaming League and the StarCraft II community, I took a look.

The Easter Egg involved the ever so much loved Zergling from the Zerg race within StarCraft II, and if you are a StarCraft II fan, like me, then you should know what I’m going on about. Trying not to get rushed by a 7-pooled Zerg player is the most stressful thing to try to combat against and it is obvious that the Google team got just that treatment in the tournament.

The Easter Egg is still on Google, just go onto Google and type in Zerg Rush or just click that link and prepare yourself for the battle of your web browsing life as your links get destroyed in seconds and the only way to combat it is by clicking these goog-lings so they die, word to the wise, you will die but the little goog-lings will give a nice GG which means Good Game.

It is possibly the most fun I have had on a Google search page and the best Easter Egg Google has ever done. I will post my own Count and APM bellow, but this is probably the best time to say it. Live Long, Game Hard.

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