Another hit in the works for Bethesda – Dishonored

During the midday of around 4pm yesterday I came across an interesting Tweet by the people over at Bethesda. Being the type who does not just scroll past an update from a massive game publisher company I took a look at the Tweet, it simply said “Tomorrow” with an image of a dirty rugged male in a dark place.  Many things go through a mind of a gamer, mainly just what will Bethesda have in store for the world of gaming. You can see the Tweet Here.

This instantly made me swarm over the mass media of gaming news sites and Bethesda blog updates this morning to make sure I did not miss this, “Tomorrow” update and what it might involve. Then it happened an update, not what many of the gaming news sites where saying it might be over, but I myself did not believe Bethesda will do that kind of suspense just for a regular update.

At around 7am this morning Bethesda published the official début trailer for ‘Dishonored’, a stealth action-adventure developed by Arkane Studios, with an unique steam-punk theme throughout the game. The Dishonored Official Website is now up, along with ability to pre-order the game which is probably to be released during Q4 this year.

The trailer did send chills down my spine at just how unique and damn impressive this new game is set out to be. If it lives up to the same standard through its developing processes until released this game will be nothing less but genius and put a massive stamp on unique styled games for the future; which is about god damned time in my opinion. The début trailer will be provided with also a lot of concept art I have found. And with that I will depart, for now. Live Long, Game Hard.

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