Will Crysis 3 live up to Crysis 1 or 2?

After a long precedented wait for the sequel to the PC marvel that was CryTek’s original Crysis, which took PC gaming standards higher than they where ever before. Crysis 2 was born and unleashed upon the PC yet again, this time accompanied by its console brothers to bring the next generation in game immersion to every hardware available. Crysis was released on 16th November, 2007 with various expansions adding to the intense experience of the Sci-Fi FPS. After 4 years in the making, Crysis 2 was officially announced on April 9th, 2010; then released on 24th March, 2011.
Now, on 11th April, 2012 Origin leaked only by pure coincidence the existence of the next in the Crysis series, ‘Crysis 3’. Then today, 16th April, 2012, CryTek in association with EA announced the official game title to the world. This marked the day when the precedent in the next generation of game visuals and immersion will arrive onto yet again the PC, along with its console brethren.

Crysis 3 will be created upon CryTek’s world and critically renown CryEngine3, recently patched and ready to make break taking visuals, action and scenery.  It is to be released sometime, most likely during Q1 or Q2 in 2013; EA are saying that it will offer “the premier sandbox shooter experience of 2013”. Along with changing up the angle of the story, it again set within the now environmental jungle wastelands of New York City with the quote ‘become the hunter’ and the promise of players will flip the script in Crysis 3. The stage is set and everything is in place for the next instalment of this truly amazing game.

Crysis 3 is already up for pre-order dubbed ‘Crysis 3 Hunter Edition’ where you can purchase now at CryTek’s Website which includes: Early access to the new signature composite bow and its attachments in multiplayer. Hunter Nanosuit module which adds additional power and functionality. Bonus XP boost to level 5 in multiplayer and A box skin and three exclusive dog tags.

A reveal trailer will also be released in 7 days so stay tuned for that update and also I am including a CryEgnine3 video and some very interesting and eye pleasing concept art for Crysis 3. As always. Live Long, Game Hard.

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