Makings of a Game Designer #2

Second week into my 3 week Easter Break from University is when I broke off my rest from work related stress and started creating my final versions of each of my 3 assignments. This is what I did during that second week. Click Here to See More.

Started the week on Sunday finishing my Digital Graphics Assignment. Which took nothing less than 1 and a half days to complete; getting all the angles right, making sure the audio and black scene cut offs were in sync, then getting the final menu screen to merge with the intro for the game sequence. All was very interesting and enjoyable task. I should be able to upload the final video on here when I have got the time to render it, which I was going to do either later today or tomorrow. Check for updates.

Further into the week, the Monday and following few days in the week, I decided to take on the very daunting task of combating my Programming Assignment and the many tasks it includes. I devoted time into trying to comprehend the advanced language of C# and the many different variations and complex ways my brain was trying to align the information.

The first task being Factorial of a Number, which to my up most abilities I was able to complete along with double checking through some tutorials. This code was to process a given number that the user has given and produce the relevant factorial of that number e.g. the factorial of 3 is 6, and that is what this code is able to show; which made me happy to know I could to basic level coding.

This shows my Factorial code and the result it produces.
Click the Image to view it in full resolution.

The second task was Palindrome Function, which was a very complex method to get my head around but in the end I triumphed and had working code which completed that task. This code is able to take a user defined word and produce whether or not that word is in fact a palindrome e.g. the word level is a palindrome so that is what it will produce; the word life is not a palindrome to which it will produce that outcome. I was pleasantly surprised to how well I overcame my metal block of basic programming just by testing and referring to tutorials or previous notes.

This shows my Palindrome code and the result/s it produces.
Click the Image to view it in full resolution.

The third task was Guessing Game; through my previous encounters and sudden realisation of C# coding I completed this task with difficulty although I did understand this time the coding I needed and what was right in certain areas. The more complex algorithms is were I fell down on and found myself annoyed at the fact I knew in my head what needed to be done but not how to put it down into coding that was needed to produce the right result. That was where I looked at tutorials and looked back at my notes and in lesson coding to figure out what I needed to make it the way I was thinking it needed to be done. In the end I created the correct code and completed the Guessing Game where the user tries to guess a number out of 100 until they get the right number.

This shows my Guessing Game code and the result/s it produces.
Click the Image to view it in full resolution.

The fourth task  was Blackjack Game this I was stuck on for the rest of the first day I started doing my programming assignments and during less than half of the second day. The problem mostly was that I did not know how to include visuals into the C# programming, I was not taught how to do this during my lectures and was not about to cheat my assignment by copying a tutorial to create one. This meant that I chose only to create my Blackjack Game in the Command Prompt window as I have done before.

Looking at tutorials when deciding to copy how to do visuals, I saw that it would have not been that hard, just a little more complex. This made me decided my outcome of not doing it because I would be copying; but I would try my hand at the visuals after I had completed the Blackjack Game and other outstanding tasks. After this the process was lengthy and many errors presented themselves but after a while of figuring out all the problems and errors with certain parts of the code it finally worked and my stint of agonising programming a Blackjack Game was over with great results.

This shows my Blackjack Game code and the result/s it produces.
Click the Image to view it in full resolution.

The fifth task was Quest Adventure Game. To create a game where the user is able to choose a class with special abilities, with a world populated by enemies of different types with the world taking from from a grid using ASCII characters, along with other various complex methods that could higher the marks. This will be the most hard challenge I have had to take on in my life, building this will require many tutorials and other various notes I have that might help me in completing such a vast task.

Copying code was again out of the window, my own code with only looking at tutorials on various parts to understand the way they work and what they did will help me in creating an adventure game. Acquiring the mental ability was very tasking in itself and I still am having a hard time making sure every error is sorted out and problems are resolved. This task was huge and I still have not completed all the visuals and part of the coding for the game to show on here the final version. Check for Updates.

The last and sixth task was Individual C# & XNA coding project. This includes creating a 2D game within XNA which the genre is up to myself. I have chosen to do a Sci-Fi 2D shooter as it is probably the most easiest one to design and produce within XNA and code using C#. Although I have not completed the fifth task as of yet I still have started designing and coding this task little by little of what I already know edging my way through the processes. This will take more time but I know I can do it as I have done before with my own determination. Check for Updates.

During my third week of my Easter Break I will continue with my remaining Programming Assignment Tasks. Then look into my Design Theory Fundamental Assignment, which will not take much to complete as it has been completed since my team and I worked hard before the Easter Break only few minor details need to be amended and completed. Every Assignment is on target to be handed in before its hand in date, which is an amazing triumph. This is my University Log for this week; as I have said check for updates and as always. Live Long and Game Hard.

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