The World of Darkness MMO

In my ritual of browsing around the mass database that is the global media of the internet and the multiple different gaming blog and various other well known sites I strolled upon a very interesting article about an recently announced MMO.

It is being developed by CCP, also the developers of other MMO, EVE Online and First Person Shooter, DUST514. This new venture MMO from CCP is a 180 degree turn on what they have done in the past. The game is dubbed ‘World of Darkness’ and by its title it suggests a much darker and more intense nature for the theme and genre CCP is taking. The MMO is set in a city, most likely our own blue marble called Earth but with a twist, it is roamed by Vampires.

The article I read caught my attention when I saw that little detail as I have always been drawn the the unique, different and the interesting. A Vampire themed MMO made me think how much the developers have thought about such a course correcting idea and how well they could pull it off. This venture by CCP has been shrouded within shadows for years and was only revealed within the last couple of weeks and I did my research as I always do when something catches my attention.

This MMO has something more than its Gothic themed Vampires, although not much has come out just yet to how extensive the characters are portrayed or how the skill set, if at all, will be implemented. The main factors as of yet are that this MMO will have that of EVE Online’s massive and practically unending sandbox environment. That and a player’s character within the game can permanently kill another within the game itself. Information like that is something that makes your eye brow move up a little. An MMO that gives you the ability to kill another is always present, but to kill them permanently, that is another thing altogether.

I did also discover 2 videos from the press conference CCP released to announce some of their efforts in creating this increasingly interesting gothic Vampire MMO ‘World of Darkness’. First looks at these videos will show is that it all looks very promising and I can only wait to see what else is uncovered within the darkness that surrounds this unique game.

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