Update #1

Been a while since my last post, so me trying to keep daily updates is proving hard for me to do. Since I am not willing to give up so easily during my Easter Holidays I will make sure I make regular posts and updates about anything that happens or I find. Click Here to See More.

Recently since my last update to Daily Life of a Gamer:

I have completed all milestones on my University, Design Theory Fundamentals with my Team; and lead them as much as I possibly can, by helping them and guiding them forward. Although some of my Team Members seem to lack motivation to do good work to the standard I have set, that reflects upon their abilities and competence. I can only suggest what they need to improve upon and how to make themselves better, otherwise it is only up to them.

Design Graphics at University is going as great as always with my 3Ds MAX 2012 dense forest model rendering well and being able to use a lot of what is there, all that is needed is to put it all together and do final post-production tweaks. Programming is still one of my big losses in the way I still need to figure out all of the ins and outs of the C# language that I am studying; but I am getting there with the help of my tutors slides and own programming.

I have seen some very interesting games, trailers and heard rumours that have seriously made me thinking these will go somewhere and become a great game.

A lot of the Gaming and Technology Industries did a lot of April Fools rumours and announcements that made me laugh quite a bit.

And a lot more has probably happened during my lack of daily posts, but I vow that from now on be it lack of internet connection or my computer crashes I will post regular updates. For now Live Long and Game Hard.

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