Makings of a Game Designer #1

Being in my first year at Salford University studying Computer & Videos Games (or CVG as we like to call it). This segment will be about my different tasks I am currently doing, having trouble with, taking on and any little detail that has to do with my life within my path towards my career. Click Here to See My First Log Entry.

Today and yesterday I spent the best part of 2 hours of my time trying to figure out why a light in 3Ds MAX 2012 would not show up onto the camera view point. The model I have made is for my Digital Graphics assignment is a vast dark sadistic deadly forest within the country of Japan (if you want to know more about the forest I have based it off, it is called Aokigahara). I have only modelled a little part of the forest, as I do not need to create the whole thing for just a short run through for my Digital Graphics product I want to create.

The run through is complete but as I am trying to focus on the black & white aspect of colours within the forest, the black being the forest itself and the white being the light the character is running towards. Although I have used 3Ds MAX 2012 before and used lighting with a camera view point; no matter what I did changed the fact that the light was not viewable through the camera’s view point. It got to the point where I was getting annoyed so I decided to walk away and come back to it with some more knowledge into the problem.

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