My take on the Mass Effect 3 Endings

Recently there has been the Mass Effect 3 ending/s discussion that has drawn my attention. 

I myself  have completed the game three times, all on the insanity difficulty with everything maxed out as it could possibly be. So I think I am in-titled to share my own view point on this seemingly strengthening matter that is going around the gaming world. All three endings: The Renegade Option, or Red Option, where the destruction of all synthetic life and technology throughout the galaxy is seen. The Paragon Option, or Blue Option, where taking control of the Reapers sending every Reaper away to never come back again is seen.Or the Neutral Option, or Green Option, where synthesis with the catalyst which creates a compromise between the two is seen.

There is also the Secret Ending that is played out in which ever difficulty and which ever option you decide; which includes an Old Stargazer with a Young Girl talking about the story the Old Stargazer just told about ‘The Shepard’ then the Young Girl asks for a final story to which the Old Stargazer agrees; bring many rumours to the table.

The last option, the Neutral Option in my opinion is the most prefect of all the endings; although it still ends with the Citadel being destroyed along with all the Mass Effect Relays and Commander Shepard being absorbed by the synthesis process. Which brings me onto the first matter at hand. In the Renegade Option, or Red Option after the epic cutscene and concluding story line, right before it cuts to the credits a short clip is shown of rubble, which to me does look like the ruins and rubble of London on Earth, where a suit of N7 armour is seen then as the clip is about to end a breath is taken and the N7 armour moves bring many questions to the player and the community of Mass Effect fans; but that is not all.

The indoctrination theory/rumours have been going around that supports the short clip of Commander Shepard in his obliterated N7 armour taking a breath. The indoctrination rumours are that as you get struck down by Harbinger that is when it starts; Commander Shepard is dreaming, here’s what supports this theory:

1. When Commander Shepard is aboard the Citadel Admiral Anderson is apparently right behind him then is ahead of him at the controls. 

2. The black marks or shimmers can be loosely seen after the Illusive Man is dead signalling indoctrination. 3. When Commander Shepard sees the Catalyst who is the Young Boy who died at the very beginning of Mass Effect 

3. Commander Shepard does not question why, nor do you get any dialogue options to ask any questions to the Catalyst or for the questions that are being asked by you, the player. 

4. The Young Boy or Catalyst lingers longer or shorter depending on which option the player chooses which suggests that either the Reapers are waiting to see if the results are in their favour or to go instantly if they are not.

Furthermore the scene that is predicted at the end of the final scenes of each of the 3 endings cutscenes, where Joker and the Normandy is seen flying through a Mass Effect Relay… I’ll stop there. First thing that came to my mind was, why was Joker within a Mass Effect Relay jump, why is he not back at the battle helping the fight on Earth and around the Citadel.

Secondly if, for some unseen reason he retreated through the Mass Effect Relay where was Joker going to, why abandon the battle. These questions are all more present when the Normandy and her crew, with Joker crash land on a planet on looking 2 moons, the very same or similar 2 moons that is seen in the Secret Ending with the Old Stargazer and the Young Girl bring more support to the indoctrination theory/rumour but also some disproof when the planet had 2 moons.

Personally the indoctrination theory/rumours does make sense to some point and would be a great twist to the story in the forthcoming DLC for Mass Effect 3 that the producer has announced to dismay these lingering doubts. But the way they ended Mass Effect 3 was not well thought through leaving lots of questions unanswered and lots of unknowns left in the dark, and with the 3 endings all presenting different sides to an epic trilogy story line which was driven by pure intensive to save the Earth and Galaxy from the Reapers and save not just humanity but everything.

I enjoyed every second of all the Mass Effect Trilogy games, and Mass Effect 3 was the second best out of them all, behind Mass Effect 2. Mass Effect 3 did bring everything in nicely and fluidly, not breaking action too much, it had balance, it was not all bad. With the announcement of a DLC continuation to put all the doubts in the Mass Effect Communities minds at rest. It should be safe to say even though the endings where not conclusive, or thought about very much, they still had a certain spark. I for one look forward to seeing what this DLC has in store.

Also thanks to Patrick Garret for producing some spectacular concept art images you can see throughout this article.

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